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Prayers for 24th November 2019

St John’s, Monkstown

Let us pray

Lord God, Our heavenly Father, we offer you our praise, thanksgiving, worship and love giving glory to Your Holy Name. You declared through Jeremiah and the prophets of old that You would raise up a just king to rule wisely over all creation – The Lord of Our Righteousness. Your prophecy was fulfilled in the coming of Your son Jesus Christ. Through the apostle Paul, You acknowledge the Lord Jesus as the image of the invisible Creator God. Through Him as the head of the body of Christ- His church, we are reconciled to You, Father God, through the gospel of salvation of the cross. 

Lord of all righteousness and mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord Jesus, as Your disciples of the current age, help us to be faithful servants and remember that in all our dealings with those who seek refuge that Your own parents, Joseph and Mary, had to flee as refugees to Egypt to escape from the murderous vengeance of Herod towards a helpless child who would become our Redeemer. Grant us courage to remember our citizenship of Your heavenly kingdom and to defend the widow, the oppressed, the poor, the hungry, the despised and the stranger among us.

Lord of all righteousness and mercy, hear our prayer.

Father God we pray that you would multiply our efforts to raise funds to support families fleeing from war-torn Syria to the sanctuary of Ireland. Grant us perseverance, generosity, hope and love to welcome and assist the stranger and to help them to find a new home among us in Carrigaline.  Spirit of the living God, we pray for faith leaders to work co-operatively with a secular organisations, voluntary groups, public representatives and officials at local and national level. Embolden them and us to speak up for the marginalised even in the face of growing populist and nationalistic narratives that seek to reject the stranger. Grant them and us a deeper capacity to be welcoming and to reconcile differences, dispel doubt and combat rejection in and by parts of the community towards refugees.

Lord of all righteousness and mercy, hear our prayer.

Lord Jesus Christ, our righteous King, we call upon you to hear the prayers of your faithful disciples for those known to us who are suffering, troubled in heart and mind or soul or who are ill or undergoing treatment or facing a terrible dilemma. We pray for them and ask for your healing, comfort, presence and blessing to all who come to mind and we take a moment to remember each particular personal situation that we know who need to your comfort, guidance or support.

Lord of all righteousness and mercy, hear our prayer.

Triune God, as the Psalmist David reminds us, blessed is the person who takes refuge in You – our rock, our shield, our strength, our hiding place and our salvation. We humbly pray for Your protection of our lives and those of our families and communities and for all creation. Grant us wisdom to live our lives respecting others and the fruit of your created order and to respond to the climate emergency with reverence as stewards of all species in this Your world. 

Lord of all righteousness and mercy, hear our prayer.

And so we pray

Merciful Father, accept these our prayers for the sake of your Son our Saviour, Jesus Christ, Amen.

St Mary’s Church of Ireland

The response today to:   Christ in Your Mercy is  ————————Hear our Prayer

Let us pray .

1}As we celebrate Christ the King Sunday let us open our hearts to Him and with confidence seek His ever-generous grace.

Christ in Your Mercy.   Hear our prayer.

2)Fill the world with the Spirit of compassion, and may the powerful use their power to help the weak,

Help us break through barriers that divide people and whole nations,

Give peace among nations and between races.

Where there is hostility bring understanding, where there is suspicion bring trust and draw us all together for the common good with respect amongst all people despite our differences.

Christ in Your mercy. Hear our prayer,

3}Today on the day of Christ the King we mark the end of our liturgical year.

As we approach Advent may it be an opportunity for us to renew our commitment to You O Christ.

Guide us on our own personal journeys and enable us to see new ways to lead a better Christian life and always to live in humility as servants of Christ the King.

Christ in Your Mercy.   Hear our prayer.

4}We pray for us all to be more aware of disrespect that we cause to our planet.

Currently when Global warming is such a high-profile news item may we examine our own habits and routines and recognise what we can do to make our daily lives more environmentally friendly.

No matter how small our efforts are, all can add up to huge changes for the better.

Christ in Your Mercy . Hear our prayer

5)We recognise how social media has become the norm especially amongst our younger generations.

May those who post or blog on these platforms often to enhance their own profiles think again before they write defamatory or degrading remarks about fella human beings.

Christ in Your mercy. Hear our prayer

6)We pray for all who suffer, from loneliness, or rejection by others.

Lord we bring before You all those who society rejects because they are not the norm, those who have different beliefs, different colour or simply those who choose to be different.

Christ in Your Mercy . Hear our prayer.

7)We remember those unable to come to Church due to ill health or senior years. Those for who life is totally in upheaval due to serious illness or other issues and where every day normal life is a distant memory.

Help those who suffer to deal with what they are facing and grant them the peace and healing grace of your presence.

Christ in Your Mercy. Hear our prayer.

8}We pray for those who have departed this world.

We remember those we hold dear in our hearts.

We pray for all those left behind who mourn dear friends or loved ones.

Jesus Christ is the Light of the world, a light which no darkness can quench. May we seek this light in our darkness. May the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace as we trust in Jesus Christ.

Christ in Your mercy. Hear our Prayer

In a moment of silence, may we bring our own personal prayers to you O Lord

9 }This afternoon our Rector will be installed officially as Canon Elaine.

We wish her, Liam and family all the best in this new path as she continues to lead us towards the risen Christ .


The Grace

The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all

And for evermore.  Amen

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