‘Easter Vestry’ results

Select Vestry 2020-2021

St John’s Rector’s Churchwarden                  Barney Deane

St Mary’s Rector’s Churchwarden                 Hilary Warren-Perry

St John’s People’s Churchwarden ………… Henry Forbes

St Mary’s People’s Churchwarden                 Lesley Roberts

Rector’s Glebewarden                                    Cecil Poole

People’s Glebewarden                                    William Warren-Perry

Hon. Secretary                                                 Rowland Newenham

Hon. Treasurer                                                Helen Arnopp

Health & Safety Officer                          ..       Richard Dring

Valerie Andrew

Mary Cowhig

Jonathan Fleury

Madeleine Geary

Oriel Hosford

Sydney Hutton

Mary Murphy

Eddie Pierce

Parochial Nominators 2020-2023

Helen Arnopp, Rowland Newenham, Lesley Roberts, Hilary Warren-Perry

Supplementalists : Hilary Dring, Jonathan Fleury, Eddie Pierce, Richard Dring

Diocesan Synod Members 2020-2023

Hilary Warren-Perry, Helen Arnopp, Richard Dring, Joy Keefe, Simon Woodworth

Supplementalists : Clodagh King, Oriel Hosford, Eddie Pierce, Cecil Poole


Congratulations to all those voted into office

and many thanks to them for giving their time to our parish.

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