Parish Notices Sunday 15th May 2016

Parish Fête. This year’s Parish Fête will take place at the end of this month, Saturday 28th May in the Canon McCrea Hall and the grounds of the School.

Please contact Eddie Pierce (087-2557505) if you would like to be involved in helping out at a stall or if you have any items for any of the stalls. This is a very important fund-raiser in the parish so please do dig around in the cupboards, attics and garages for good quality items!

We can arrange to collect ..just shout!

Items can also be left in the Parish Office during opening hours………and now BOXES ARE ALSO AT THE BACK OF THE CHURCHES!

Cakes for Cambodia. Tracey Pierce is hosting a fundraising cake sale in the Rectory alongside our Parish Picnic which follows  the United Service on 29th May.  During the summer she is going on a Mission Trip to Cambodia with Tear Fund and CDYC (Cork Diocesan Youth Council) who run summer camps for kids touched by trauma. It’s good for us all to support one of our Parishioners when they take on a project like this (and no doubt the cakes will quite delicious !)

SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB  ‘COPS & ROBBERS’-This year our Parish will join again with Templebreedy Parish to run a children’s Bible-based Holiday Club from 18th to 22nd  July in the Canon McCrea Hall, St Mary’s School. 10am till 1pm. €30 per child or €70 per family, which includes snack. Registration forms are available from the Parish Office or the Rector.

St Fin Barre’s Cathedral Choir, Cork will be singing a concert of sacred music in the Cathedral of St Fachtna, Rosscarbery on Saturday 4th June at 7pm. The choir will perform  highlights from their wide and varied repertoire including music by Tallis, Handel, Mendelssohn and Tavener. Tickets are €10 and will be available on the door.



16th May    Toddlers Plus One 10 to 12pm Parish Hall

Monday Club 3pm to 5pm Parish Hall

20th May   Family Beetle Drive 7.30pm Canon McCrea Hall

28th May   Parish Féte 10am till 2pm St Mary’s School

29th May   United Service St Mary’s 11am Sunday School

Prize-giving and Parish Picnic in the Rectory Grounds. (including ‘Cakes for Cambodia’ sale) following the service. All welcome.

7pm Service of Wholeness & Healing in St John’s Church, Monkstown

10th June  Ceili for Cambodia. 8pm. Canon McCrea Hall.


Random Notes CXCIII


Binne's Grave/The Giant's Grave ( Folklore: Binne the Giant ( Curraghbinny Forest ( - County Cork, Ireland. Walking with the Ancestors - 2013 - Saturday, November 30, 2013. "Curraghbinny: Forest Recreation Area - Welcome to Curraghbinny Wood, a mixed woodland that covers an area of 35 hectares. The forest sits on a promontory overlooking Cork harbour to the east and north east, Lough Beg to the north west, and the mouth of the Owenabue River and the village of Crosshaven to the south. The highest point is 74 meters. The name 'curraghbinny' or Corra Binne in Irish, may be derived from the legend of a giant named Binne, whose buial chamber can be found at the top of the hill ('Corra'). This great cairn is attributed to Bronze Age man (circa 1500 B.C.E.) and is known locally as the 'Giant's Grave'. There is a wonderful diversity of tree species in these woods, including: oak, beech, birch, ash, Scots pine, eucalyptus, sycamore, European larch, Silver fir, Scots pine, and Norway spruce. Other flora include a selection of flowering shrubs and ornamental trees. The ground cover has an abundance of wild plants associated with old woodlands, such as bracken, bramble, and bilberry, wood sorrel, foxgloves, and many more. Fauna that may be spotted if you are vigilant include badger, fox, rabbit, hare, and stoat. A northern section of the wood falls within Cork Harbour SPA (Special Protection Area) owing to the sheltered conditions and habitat provided by the greater harbour for large numbers of sea birds. It is possible to observe some of these species from the viewpoints that open out over the water from the woods. Heronries have been reported in the past in the tall trees. A number of bat species have also been identified in the wood if you find yourself here after dusk. There are two waymarked trails to adi you in your exploration o

Many parishioners will have witnessed the beautiful dawn chorus at Currabinny Woods this morning. However, the following few paragraphs from Darren Mann’s book “Haunted Cork” shows the woods in a somewhat different light!

“Currabinny Woods     covers 35 hectares south-east of Cork City.  Scattered trails through the woods lead to a Bronze Age burial cairn known as the Giant’s Grave, dating back to BC 1500. Folklore says that the woods take their name from the giant, Binne, whose burial site sits upon the hill (Corra). Binne is credited with throwing a massive rock which came to rest close to the shore at Crosshaven, and a granite plinth now commemorates the boulder which rests close to Crosshaven House.

Unsurprisingly, there are no recent reported sightings of Binne the Giant, but there have been stories of strange sounds and weird environmental effects in the woods. Late one afternoon on a Tuesday in March 2007, a group of friends wandered in to the quiet woodland. They were familiar with the area, having visited many times in the past to ‘while away the hours’. As the sun set, the party headed back to their car. As they walked, a heavy, dense fog suddenly descended, reducing their visibility. The speed with which the fog had rolled in unnerved the group, so they stepped up their pace. As they did so, heavy footsteps could be heard behind them and strange sounds echoed around the trees. The noises        continued to become louder and more violent until the group left the woods – the fog suddenly lifted and the sounds abruptly stopped. Were the friends subject to a prank that went a little too far, or did they  somehow upset something else, something which wanted them out of the woods?”



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