Parish Notices Sunday 15th March 2020

The Rector writes ‘It is almost impossible to write about anything other the Covid-19 as it consumes our thoughts.

We need to keep ourselves as safe as possible by following the HSE guidelines and do everything in our power not to pass on the virus to others.  Our live streaming is up and running, huge thanks to Simon Woodworth, and you can read how to connect on the back page should you not be able to get to church. In church we know not to shake hands and we are beginning to learn to sit a little apart from each other.  The Bishop recommends the  ‘Namaste’ gesture when we share the peace with one another.

It’s very appropriate as it means that you are acknowledging God in the person you are greeting. How lovely that is!  We are used to Dia Duit which of course means ‘God be with you’, but Namaste means something more. It means that you recognise the person you are greeting as already belonging to God, just as you do. In these difficult times of social distancing , when we might start to become slightly fearful of others, it is a good thing to remember that we are all children of God.

Diocesan Pin. The ‘new’ Diocesan logo, as a Diocesan pin, is now available at the back of both churches. Beautifully designed & presented each pin costs just €4   All proceeds to the Bishop of Cork’s Pastoral Care Fund.

Music Notes 15-03-2020

An American pastor, Joel Stamoolis, and his church recently embarked on a three-and-a-half-year journey singing through the book of Psalms. “The Psalms are written with a deep trust in God’s character and an acute awareness of God’s promises, of his story. Singing psalms together helps the word of Christ richly dwell among us (Col. 3:16). It’s worthwhile and deeply enjoyable to cross cultures and time to take these ancient songs on our lips,”

Stamoolis explains.Two books on psalm singing in worship are recommended in this month’s blog on

The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship by John D. Witvliet

The Case for the Psalms: Why They are Essential by N. T. Wright


18th March   Holy Communion 10:30am


11:15 United Service in St Mary’s

7pm Service of Wholeness & Healing St John’s

21st April     Easter Vestry (annual general meeting of Parish) 7:30pm Parish Hall

23rd May Parish Fete 10am-3pm St Mary’s School

 Random Notes  no. CCCXXXV

The Covid-19 epidemic has prompted the renewal of efforts to stream services from St Mary’s every Sunday.   Live services will be available from Sunday March 15th onwards via YouTube at this page:

When a service is live, the video will appear here. Services are not recorded and the streaming link is not publicly listed on YouTube.

Live streaming is being conducted in accordance with Church of Ireland Representative Church Body guidelines. A streaming notice is visible at the entrance to the church and any pews within the view of the camera are clearly marked. This gives parishioners the option of sitting elsewhere if they prefer to be out of view.

Every effort is being made to focus the camera on the top of the church and to keep as few pews visible as possible. The giving of the bread and wine during communion is not recorded in line with guidelines. Children are not recorded unless by consent of their parents.

If you wish to view the service at home then all you need to do is go to shortly before the service starts. Any further instructions or guidelines will be on that page.

For those interested in the technical details, we are using an old laptop running Ubuntu, with Open Broadcaster Software ( connected to YouTube as a streaming service. At the moment a simple webcam is being used. Enhancements to picture and sound quality in particular are expected to follow.

It is possible to view the service on any PC, laptop or mobile device. Further updates will be on


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