Parish Notices Sunday 16th August 2015

 Rector’s Holiday Arrangements

The Revd Isobel Jackson will look after all pastoral emergencies while the Rector is away.

She may be contacted at 021-4831236

Sunday Services:

9th  Holy Communion, St John’s and St Mary’s :

      The Rt Revd  Michael Mayes

16th Morning Prayer St John’s,

      Holy Communion St Mary’s :

      The Revd Peter Rhys Thomas

23rd Morning Prayer, St John’s and St Mary’s  :

      Keith Roberts

Wednesday Services:

12th Morning Prayer  : Keith Roberts

19th Holy Communion : The Revd Tony Murphy

26th Holy Communion : The Revd Edwin Hunter



Some of the Gravestones behind St Mary’s Church  have been deemed unstable by our Health & Safety team and are marked with red and white Hazard Tape while the County Council address the problem. Please do not let your children play near these gravestones. Thank you.

 ‘Grace and Flavours’  a collection of thoughts, prayers and graces accompanied by 50 delicious but simple seasonal recipes to take us through the church and calendar year. €4 per copy.  Buy one after church or ask Hilary about them. Monies raised from booklet sales will go towards our Mothers’ Union  ‘Mums in May’ countrywide  fundraising. Thanks for your support. (HD)

St.Edmund’s Coolkelure (Fanlobbus Union) – Celebrating 150 years of Worship – Flower Festival – 21st -23rd August.

Friday 8.30 pm – Opening Musical Evening

Saturday 12 – 6.00 pm – Flower Festival Open

Sunday 12 – 6.00 pm – Flower festival Open

Sunday 7.00 pm – Songs of Praise Service

There is no admission charge – there will be an opportunity to make a donation if you wish to do so.

Teas & Refreshments served throughout the weekend !


       NEXT WEEK

 August 17th  Toddler Plus One 10am Parish Hall



August 30th  United Service 11am St John’s

August 30th  Service of Wholeness & Healing 7pm St Mary’s

Sept 4th Parish Barbecue 7.30pm Rectory Garden

Sept 27th Blessing of the Animals Service, 11am St Mary’s

Oct 10th   Harvest Supper 7.30pm Canon McCrea Hall

Oct 11th Harvest Eucharist 11am St Mary’s

Harvest Evensong 7pm St John’s


Random Notes CXLIX

The first successful transatlantic cable was laid between Valentia Island and Trinity Bay in Newfoundland, in 1858. The first complete message was transmitted in Morse code from Newfoundland to Valentia on 12th August of that year at 5:35pm. It rather cryptically read, “Laws, Whitehouse received five minutes signal. Coil signals too weak to relay. Try drive slow and regular. I have put intermediate pulley. Reply by coils.”

Sadly the cable failed a little over a month later but its commercial value had already been demonstrated. Much more reliable cables followed in 1865 and 1866 and with the first transpacific cable laid in 1903.

Fibre optic technology replaced copper wire ocean cables in the 1980’s. The first privately funded transatlantic cable was PTAT-1. It was completed in 1989 and ran from New Jersey to Ballinspittle. Fibre optic (literally wires made of glass) is able to carry far more data, video and telephone calls than copper. Since it is very expensive to lay cables, much more money can be made if it has a higher carrying capacity.

Last week, the first new transatlantic cable in 12 years, the Hibernia Express, was landed on Garretstown beach. This fibre optic cable originates in Nova Scotia and forms part of a larger network with a second cable running via Dublin. Both cables ultimately terminate in the UK. The cable has a capacity of 100 Gbps, enough to download roughly two full length feature films per second. Compare this with the        data capacity of the first transatlantic cable of twelve words per hour!

Access to a cable like this is of huge importance to Cork city and county. Cork is already home to several IT multinationals such as EMC, Apple and IBM. In addition, companies such as Amazon and BNY Mellon have bases in Cork. All of these companies depend on very high speed internet access. Hibernia Express should attract more business to Cork without having to route internet connections through Dublin!

Recently, St Mary’s church established its own high speed connection to the internet. The church now has a WiFi signal which connects to the parish office over the electrical mains. The office connects to the internet via Eircom. In a small way, St Mary’s is now linked to the rest of the world via one of any number of oceanic cables. St John’s will provide a greater challenge as there is no nearby parish office to conveniently connect to, though one service has already been streamed from there via the mobile 4G telephone network.

Morning services can now be streamed every Sunday at 1100 to the parish website at Recordings of services cannot currently be offered, except for special occasions.











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