Parish Notices Sunday 17th June 2018

The Rector writes “ I know that many of you absolutely love the weekly Random Notes on the back page of the Linksheet and I know this because you tell me so!

They are currently being written by a team of people  : Lesley Roberts,  Roger Ellis,  Simon Woodworth,  Mary Cowhig, and Frances McCarthy.  They would love to expand their numbers and so would like to know if any of you would like to join the Random Notes team?

As you know from reading them each week, the notes are usually about 120/150 words and can be on any subject. If you’re interested do talk to me (or better still talk to one of the team and they can fill you in). The more people doing the Random Notes, the even more interesting and diverse they will                    become !’’


The Select Vestry invite you all to join them in the Rectory Garden for a Barbecue at 7:30pm on Friday 22nd June.  This evening is an Adult only affair. A contribution of 5 euro per person will cover meat & wine and as it would help to know numbers ahead of time, please let Christine in the Parish Office know if you are coming along and if you are able to bring a Salad or a Dessert.




WANTED: Old camcorders for parish media streaming project. Must switch on and show picture but neither tape nor battery needs to be working. If you are willing to donate one please contact Simon at (086) 083-0639 or Thank you!




CFSC Care & Repair Service is a Free DIY Service for older people. Our volunteers carry out small/minor DIY jobs for older people who find it difficult to do themselves.  Please note we do not cut grass as this is an ongoing job. For more information please contact Carrigaline Family Support Centre on 021-4919299.

Mental Health and Addiction workshop with Dr. Gabor Maté called: Health and Healing with Mind-Body Unity, Saturday, June 30th to Sunday, July 1st, 2018, UCC, Cork. Dr. Maté is a World Leading Expert on Mental Health, Addiction, Health, Parenting ADHD, Trauma & Childhood Development. More info: or 0861719311

CORK AUTISM CONFERENCE 2018 –  Re-Thinking Autism – A Positive and Integrative Approach, Sunday September 30th, Rochestown Park Hotel, Douglas Cork. Open to Parents, Families, Caregivers, Adults with ASD, Employers, Educators, Professionals, Agencies, Advocates and anyone with an interest in autism and aspergers syndrome. More info here: or call 089 239 8900.


We will join again with Crosshaven for our Summer Holiday Club . This year’s Club is called ‘The Big Top’ and will be in the Canon McCrea Hall in St Mary’s School Carrigaline from  Monday 16th July to Friday 20th July. Application Forms are now available in the Parish Office or from the Rector.







18th June      Toddlers Plus One 10am until 12 noon  Parish Hall                                                                                               No Monday Club today

22nd June     Parish BBQ 7:30pm in the Rectory Garden

26th June 6th Class Graduation Service 12 noon St Mary’s

16-20 July     Summer Holiday Club

23rd July       Theological Book Circle 8pm Rectory

29th July       United Service 11:15 St Mary’s Church

Service of Wholeness & Healing 7pm St John’s


Random Notes  No. CCLXXIII

The late Egerton Shellswell-White recalls…”When I was a child in Bantry House, the wall around the estate seemed like a prison wall keeping me in, not keeping other people out. Just after the war, we had many Spanish trawlers coming to Bantry Harbour. I’d always loved ships, and I also loved languages, so I’d go down and talk to the Spanish and have a great time. In the estate wall, there were five gates, only one of which did not have an arch over it. So I had to run down a hill and jump over that gate to get out. It was easier than having to ask my parents for a key, and it felt like escaping from prison!

Edward Egerton Leigh-White, Egerton’s maternal Grandfather, died in 1920. He was born in 1876 and in 1904 he married Arethusa Hawker, who passed away in 1958. She had enjoyed a fulfilling life as a woman in her day, being actively involved in the worldwide organisation of the Girl Guides. She and her husband reared two daughters; Clodagh, who was Egerton’s mother, and Rachel. Clodagh Leigh-White married Geoffrey Shelswell, and the family name then became Shelswell-White”.



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