Parish Notices Sunday 22nd March 2020

The Rector writes ‘You are receiving this in advance of Sunday as there is no point in printing copies for people who are not in church! We are of course like the rest of the country in semi-lockdown, everyone is trying their best to socially distance themselves from others in order not to spread the Covid-19 virus.  So we have to think of new ways to be church during this time. I will do a Service at 11am every Sunday which will be broadcast live. Thank you to Simon Woodworth for helping us to do this. Just go to the parish website and then under ‘’Live streaming of Services’ (top right hand corner) you will be able to view the service. Have patience with us as we may have the odd glitch. This pew sheet has the readings and the psalm I will be using on the day. The Church of Ireland website has the Book of Common Prayer online

but if you’d like to borrow a prayer book , I intend to be in the Parish Office from 10 until 1pm each Thursday for the duration of this time.  So if you’d like to have a prayer book or bible , just drop down then. If you need to speak with me just ring me or email me and I will be happy to chat.’

Spiritual Communion

All of the bishops have formed the view that where an individual priest is celebrating the Eucharist alone, but on webcam with others watching at home, that, in these extraordinary times, this satisfies the Anglican requirements concerning not celebrating alone as set out in BCP page 77 at General Direction 14 (c ) .

On page 440 of our Prayer Book we read about what is called ‘spiritual communion’ which is that    ’those who are incapable of receiving the sacrament are to be assured that, although not receiving the elements in the mouth, they are by faith partakers of the body and blood of Christ and of the benefits he conveys to us by them.’

To this end, from Sunday 29th, the 11am Live Feed Service will be a Service of Holy Communion by webcam.    You will have had the Pewsheet sent out to you by email on the Friday and so can fully join in with me in celebration.

 Random Notes  no. CCCXXXVI

The “Good Wife Guide” was published in 2007, though its advice dates from a much earlier era. It contains 19 rules for keeping a happy husband, taken from the “Ladies Homemaker Monthly” magazine. Here are some of its rules.

Rule No.1 A wife’s duty.

A man’s home is his castle, and as such, he should be treated like a King. It’s every wife’s responsibility to dote upon her hard-working spouse.

Rule No. 2 Recipe for Success.

Just as it would be unthinkable to serve a frozen TV dinner or reheated leftovers to an honoured guest, these should not be  considered acceptable offerings for the man you adore. Give  him a hearty meal,  prepared from scratch and seasoned with love.

The hours you spend over a hot stove will be repaid in full when he eagerly asks for seconds!

Rule No.5 A Happy Homecoming.

When your husband walks through the front door, take his coat and guide him to his favourite easy chair. Offer him the evening  paper, his slippers and a dry martini to take the edge off. If he appears fatigued or cranky from his traffic-laden commute, a relaxing foot-rub or shoulder massage may be in order. (A male journalist once wrote a piece about the “Good Wife Guide”. His own wife clearly hadn’t read the book or, more probably,   completely ignored its advice, as he ended his article by commenting, rather wistfully, that, in the book, the husband was never told, “Get off your backside right now and put the bins out.”)


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