Pew Sheet – 11th July 2021

The special Liturgical material incorporated into our Service of Holy

Communion today was approved by the Liturgical Advisory Committee of the Church of Ireland at the request of the Historic Centenaries Working Group as a resource for those leading worship around the time of the centenary of the end of the War of Independence in Ireland


The truce in the War of Independence / Anglo-Irish War on 11 July 1921 brought an end to two-and-a-half years of guerrilla conflict in Ireland. It cannot be denied that this had been a difficult period for church members many of whom were victims of personal, sometimes fatal, injuries, or damage to their property. At the same time, prominent church members, including Sam Maguire, Ernest Blythe, Erskine Childers, Albina Broderick and Robert  Barton, made a significant contribution to the achievement of Irish independence.

The subsequent agreement of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921 and the creation of the newly independent Irish Free State as a dominion of the Commonwealth was a wrench for many Church members in breaking ancestral ties with Britain.    The Church of Ireland Gazette noted honestly that many would not ‘regard the change which is impending with any great enthusiasm’, but recognised the community’s willingness to accept the new situation and ‘give their whole-hearted and active support to the Irish Free State’.  Though never accounting for greater than five per cent of the population of independent Ireland the Church of Ireland is proud of its contribution to making the state what it is today, including having two of its members serve as Head of State.     Although Ireland was partitioned politically one hundred years ago, the churches have remained as important structures helping to retain connections between their members on both sides of the border.

Dr Marie Coleman  Queen’s University Belfast

Random Notes  CCCLXXXVII

Preserved at Mount Rivers, amongst a collection of other Church papers, etc. are a small collection of papers relating to the construction of the Church hall.

The hall now nearing the completion of its restoration after an unfortunate meeting with a car last year, it occurred to the compiler of this note that it might perhaps be thought both worthwhile, and of some interest to here record a little about its construction which occurred not now much short of thirty years ago.

In a letter to the architect dated 24th February, 1993, the Revd. Arthur J. Houston,

then Rector of Carrigaline, wrote as follows:

‘Our requirements for this building is that it will provide,

A room capable of sub-division, for 50-60 adults for a mixture of activities

A separate room of 150 square feet minimal

Basic kitchen facilities for appropriate number of people, preferably adjacent to the hall.

Toilet facilities for appropriate number of people,

Note: there is an agreement with the adjacent development to provide a mains drain connection.

A secure storage area, size not specified.

Gas fired central heating.’

We would prefer,

That the building should be of a single storey.

That the external appearance of the building should be compatible  with the adjacent Church, and similar in character to the existing building.’

Late in the following year, a letter, dated 8th October, 1994, was received from the architect setting out the cost of  £46,031.36 for the ‘Demolition, and rebuilding of

Sexton’s Lodge, conversion and extension of stable buildings for Sunday school/meeting room.’

By February, 1995 work was sufficiently complete to the degree that a ‘Kardex four drawer fire resisting filing cabinet’ was purchased at a cost of £665.50, to be followed not long afterwards by various other purchases, including, for the amount of £105.80, on 5th August,1995, from the ‘Carrigdhoun Pottery Ltd. the following:

‘Blue Band

50 cups, at 6op each,              £30.00

50 saucers, at 40p each,            20.00

50 7″ plates, at 60p each           30.00

12 sugar bowls, at 65p each       7.80

12 cream jugs, at £1.50 each     18.00

and on 24th, August, 1995,  at a total cost of £2,135, for the supply and fitting of the following;

‘carpet in meeting room and t.v. room,       £1,300.00

vinyl in hallway,                                               350.00

vinyl in kitchen,                                                270.00

vinyl in small office/ cloak room,                       75.00

screeding of floors,                                              50.00


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