Pew Sheet – 16th July 2023

The Revd Julia writes ‘ We’ve made it! It’s almost four years since the twinning of our parishes was launched, back in October 2019. Undeterred by a global pandemic, we’ve creatively found ways to get to know each other, including via: virtual pulpit swaps; following each other on social media; prayer; online quiz nights; Mother’s Union connections etc.   Eventually, last summer, I was able to visit, bringing with me a flock of knitted angels, and a video showcasing the highlights of Perton complete with smiles and waves from the church family (if I remember, the landmark of the pub featured quite prominently!). The weather was glorious and I enjoyed an amazing time getting to know some of you and this beautiful area. Then, last November, Canon Elaine made a return visit, to the Diocese of Lichfield, although she hasn’t ‘yet’! managed to make it to Perton.   All this has been building towards something even more wonderful… finally we have the opportunity for our church families to meet, in person! I’m so excited about this time together, ensuring the twinning truly is about all of our friendships, and not only that of myself and Canon Elaine, as lovely as it is.   Thank you so so much for welcoming this motley crew from The Church At Perton to join you in your continuing bi-centenary celebrations. Thanks to those who’ve planned and organised; and a special thank you to those who are hosting us in your homes. We’ve all been really looking forward to this trip, to enjoying your friendships and the craic together. Thank you, God bless and here’s to the Carrigaline Caper to Perton soon.’

Random Notes CDXXXI

A man once sued his mother because she had given birth to him without his consent.

12 animals were disqualified from a camel beauty contest for using Botox.

At Eton College in the 17th century, it was compulsory for the pupils to smoke pipes.

Mr & Mrs Turvi called their daughter Topsy.

A dog once shot his owner by stepping on a gun left lying on the floor.

The Scottish town of Dull is twinned with Boring in the U.S.A. and Bland in Australia.

When Josephine fell in love with Napoleon her dog didn’t feel the same way. It attacked him on their wedding night.

In 2018 scientists found the oldest recorded case of dandruff in a 125 million year old dinosaur.

In Alaska it’s illegal to wake a sleeping bear in order to take a photo of it.  I don’t know what the penalties the law imposes, but the bear has it’s own way of dealing with offenders.


Welcome to our Perton Visitors!
Thank you to all our Host Families
All welcome to join us for lunch in the
Parish Hall after the 11am Service
We are holding a Scrap Metal
Collection over the next few weeks to raise funds for the Parish. 
So have a clear out of your shed,  garage and attic! 
If you require your scrap metal to be
collected then we can arrange to collect
if from your home/business.
Call  Henry Forbes on 0872035000 
for information on where to drop it off
or if you need it collected.


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