Pew Sheet – 20th November 2022

The Rector writes ‘Thank you to the Revd Julia Cody, the Team Vicar from our link Parish of Perton in the Diocese of Lichfield who preaches to us today via the wonders of modern technology! I, of course, will be appearing on a screen over there!  We will look forward to meeting some of the Perton parishioners in the summer when they visit us in July,,,. more nearer the time.

Today is the last Sunday of the churches liturgical year, next Sunday begins Advent. If you still have not signed up for the Posada which kicks off next Sunday , to try and sign up today. 

Traditionally, on this last Sunday, Christ the King, we have our annual Gift Day and for the first time since Covid, we will be able to mill around together after the services.  Myself and some members of the Select Vestry will remain over in the Parish Hall until 2pm today if you’d like to drop in for a chat? I’m hoping to have some of the church silverware on display for you. It is often hard to actually look properly and admire our lovely silver when we just see it for the administration of Holy Communion so do come along and have a good look at it in the Parish Hall after the 11am Service today. There will obviously be Tea & Coffee available to enjoy too’

Music Notes 20-11-2022

Hymns at St Mary’s

132      Lo! He comes

20        The King of Love

429     Lord Jesus Christ

84 Alleluia! Raise the anthem

We are having an important year in 2023 when we begin to celebrate the two hundredth anniversary of St Mary’s Church (building began in 1823 and the first service held on February 7th, 1824).  I have been reading a bit about the history of church music to see what services might have been like at that time. The historian Nicholas Temperley has written a book called  “The Music of the English Parish Church” which has lots of interesting facts about music in the smaller churches.

Music in Irish churches would have been modelled on English services at that time.

Pipe organs were an expensive item to install and even if an organ were present in parish churches, they often could not afford to pay an organist. One solution was to install a barrel organ which had the pipes and stops of an ordinary organ but was played by a pin barrel, much like a player piano.

There were mixed feelings about their use in church, as barrel organs were popular to play songs and dances for entertainment. The disadvantage of the barrel organ in a church setting was that it did not have the flexibility needed to accompany singing and it was eventually superseded by the harmonium.

Interesting to see that recorded music in churches occurred so long ago!

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

Random Notes CDXXXIX

Technology is a wonderful thing. We can speak to each other face-to-face and communicate from one side of the world to the other in real time.

But what happens when we don’t understand technology or are bombarded with messages asking us to send our credit/debit card details in order to proceed with some banal action? Just this morning, I was trying to log-in to Facebook from my lap-top and it was asking for all sorts of personal information. Then I tried to set up a Word document for this e-mail to Elaine and it was telling me that my subscription had expired….What subscription?  I needed to find out how many days holidays I had left at work and was told to go in to some app on my ‘phone…. When I tried, it used up all my 4G.  What’s 4G??

I am not quite a pensioner, but I think we all need to understand how difficult it is for some more elderly people to adopt modern technology. There is a quiet arrogance about those who do. I don’t think it is done on purpose, but it is still there.

My ‘phone just clicked to tell me that the ferry is fog-bound and wont be running. Great – technology at its best!! So don’t get me wrong. I love the communication abilities of modern technology. But the next time I go in to Permanent TSB in Carrigaline and want to lodge a cheque, it would be nice if the machine could tell me why it won’t allow me to do it…..????!!!!


Sundays in November 12 noon Parish Hall

Bicentennial Celebration Quilt preparation with Millie Kingston

28th November Monday 8pm St Mary’s NS,

Owenabue Garden and Flower Club Carrigaline

Welcomes Jane Morgan of Fab Flowers to demonstrate flower arrangements on the theme of “Christmas” at the ‘Christmas Club Night’, includes ‘Plants and Home Produce Sales Table’. Visitors Welcome €7

4th December Sunday 2pm GAA Hall

Tractor Run meeting at 2pm at the GAA Hall

11th December Sunday 11am St Mary’s Church

Presentation of the Churches of Sanctuary Accreditation to the Parish.

16th December Friday 7:30pm Our Lady & St John’s  Church,Carrigaline

Community Carol Service

18th December Sunday 4pm St John’s Church

Nine Lessons & Carols Service

 Advance Notice

Parish Fundraising Auction, Saturday, 18th February, 2023

If you have have any furniture, pictures, silver, jewellery, brass ware  kitchen ware or appliances (in good and working order!), garden furniture and implements, clocks, toys (in good order), etc., etc., and would be prepared to donate same for the forthcoming, and much needed, auction, please contact any of the following:

Madeleine Geary, Rowland Newenham, Cecil Poole, Olna Trotter, or Lesley Roberts. 

Collection of larger items etc. can be arranged. 

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