Pew Sheet – 26th April 2020

The Rector writes ‘As we continue the Live Streaming of Sunday Services from an empty Church, I am attempting to inject some kind of normality back to this Pew Sheet! From today, we have again our wonderful Random Notes on the back page, this week written by Mary Cowhig who tells us about General Synods in the past. Some of you already know that our own General Synod, historically due to take place in Croke Park in May has had to be cancelled. Our Diocesan Synod which was to happen in June has also been postponed. In trying to get back to some kind of diversity, I have asked the people who write the Intercessory prayers to submit the prayers to me each week as I think it is really lovely to hear other peoples voices (in print if not in reality!). It’s hard to believe that we are still operating remotely but we just have to get on with it and adapt the way we do things for now. Please let me know if there is someone you know who would like the Pew sheet posted to them. We could certainly do this for the few people who are not on the internet but unfortunately it would be financially ruinous to send everyone a Pewsheet by post each week. I will be sending out some worksheets and Sunflower seeds to all the children next week. Finally don’t forget we have a Zoom Parish Study Group going on each Wednesday night. I’ll always include the link to the meeting on the weekly email in case you feel like dropping in. ’


You are all invited to virtually join me for a ‘Zoom Parish Gatherings’ on Wednesday nights at 7:30/8pm. It’s not a Bible Study as such but I hope we can look at a particular events from the Bible, seen through the eyes of the German Painter Sieger Koder (and perhaps later Patrick Kavanagh’s Poems?) and we can have a general discussion around that. I’ve taken some of the material from a book from ‘Glimpses of the Divine’ by Gemma Simmonds. The general theme of the six weeks is called ‘Sacred Ground’ and I can assure you it’ll be uplifting which is just what we need right now! If you haven’t been involved in a parish study group before , I promise you it will be a totally gentle experience and no hard questions at all! At this strange time in all our lives, it’s really just an excuse for me to see you all and for you to have the chance to chat to each other. Next Wednesday (and all the other Wednesdays!) in order to join the Zoom Meeting, just email the rector for the link.

IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY DOWNLOADED ZOOM ON YOUR PC/TABLET/SMARTPHONE, IT IS REALLY EASY TO DO…… just google ‘zoom us’ and you will be led to the Zoom site where you can follow directions to download the Zoom software on your device, then you have to register as a user, using your usual email address and picking a new Zoom password. It is all completely free so don’t worry about costs. As I said in previous emails, the Zoom software is being used everywhere at the minute and it is very user friendly. In the parish we use it now for Select Vestry meetings, I also use it for Morning Prayer with the other clergy in the diocese and also we use it for Diocesan meetings etc. so do try it. I look forward to seeing and speaking with some of you on Wednesdays. The gathering is open from 7:30pm and the study (such as it is) will begin at 8pm. The end time depends on you! God Bless, Elaine How to view Live Stream Services If you are on a PC , just go to the parish website and under the top right hand corner of the screen you’ll see ‘’Live Streaming of Services’ If you click on that you will be able to choose to view the service. You can also google ‘Carrigaline Union of Parishes Youtube’ and click on the link to see the recorded services. A huge thank you to Simon Woodworth for all the work he is doing to keep our online presence possible. This pew sheet has the readings for today and the prayers. A copy of the Holy Communion Service was sent out with previous emails, if you’d like a copy just let me know. Also the Church of Ireland website has all of the Book of Common Prayer online if you’d like to look at it . The sermon along with the contents of the Pew Sheet are put up on the parish website if you want to read them later. Parish Finances Some of you were asking me what to do about your giving during this time of not being able to gather in our churches. If you use envelopes, you can post it to Helen Arnopp, our Honorary Treasurer at her address in Ballea, Carrigaline,P43 HT95 or if you’d rather set up a standing order or transfer , here are the details of our deposit bank account: IBAN – IE47BOFI90297974081798 BIC – BOFIIE2D RECTORS & CHURCHWARDENS SAVINGS ACCOUNT. Some parishioners have set up a jam jar at home and are putting their usual ‘Plate’ giving into the jar with the intention of passing it on to the Parish when this is all over.


General Synods these days are very tame events compared to the one mentioned in the following tale: In the 12th Century there were disputes among clergy who followed different Christian traditions, some kept to the ancient rites of the Irish tradition, while others followed the increasing authority of Rome, whose practices were very different. The Archbishop of York (Irish Tradition) was convinced that he was the senior English Cleric, much to the fury of the Archbishop of Canterbury (Roman Tradition) who refused to accept that anyone should even think of taking precedence over him. Things came to a head in 1176 when a papal legate came to England. The legate decided to sort out the question of precedence once and for all by convening a synod in Westminster Abbey. The Archbishop of York had a much longer journey to London than did his rival from Canterbury. When he entered the Abbey and saw the Archbishop of Canterbury seated in the place of precedence at the legate’s right, he was so furious that he marched up to the legate and sat on his lap, to the astonishment of the other bishops (and very likely also to the legate!). A battle then ensured between clerical supporters of Canterbury and York. When the riot ended, and calm reigned once more, the legate solved the problem by declaring that the Archbishop of York should be Primate of England, and the Archbishop of Canterbury should be Primate of All England, a practise which still continues to the present day. MMPC

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