Pew Sheet – 27th June 2021

The Rector writes  ‘As you know,  during the recent tight Covid-19 restrictions, I was unable to call to parishioner’s houses for either a home communion service or for any other pastoral reasons. Since things eased up slightly on June 7th, I have now resumed doing home communions for those who are regular communicants and are unable to get to church, (while observing social distancing and hygiene requirements obviously) 

If you know of someone who could do with a visit for whatever reason, do let me know.  Sometimes I only get to hear a long time after a significant event in someone’s life that has perhaps knocked them for six, and I always wish I had known about it earlier. Even if I can’t actually visit them in person, for whatever reason , I can at least phone them and I can also keep them in prayer.  If someone has gone into hospital , while clergy are still not allowed to visit, I can at the very least let our hospital chaplains know they are in the hospital or the nursing home and the chaplains will visit them.   So do let me know if you think someone is in need of a bit of pastoral care for whatever reason. I’d rather be told by three different people that Joe Bloggs is in hospital than to not know at all….. Thank you!’

Random Notes CCCLXXXV

This picture of a heron was taken from the Owenabue car park on Friday 18th June near low tide at 345pm. It was taken with a Samsung smartphone. The photographer Chase Jarvis once said “the best camera is the one that’s with you.” While it is nice to have a Nikon or Canon Digital SLR with decent lenses, it is not practical to lug something like that about everywhere.  The latest generation of smartphones have very sophisticated cameras built in and it is not too difficult to get good results with one, with a little practice.

During lockdown we had numerous lovely photos submitted by various parishioners for use in streamed services. While some were taken with “proper” cameras, many were also taken with smartphones. Even in the current rather uncertain weather, there is much beauty to be found while out on a walk, from the smallest insects to sunrises over the estuary.

All the photos taken to date will be reorganised into a new slideshow we can use before and after streaming of live services.


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