Pew Sheet – 28th February 2021

Deirdre Whitley writes Sadly this year we are not holding a World Day of Prayer Service, normally the first Friday of March, for both R.C. and C. of I. Parishes, due to logistical issues, with Covid 19 still very present.  This year the women of the Republic of Vanuatu (8 islands in the South Pacific) have written a lovely service with the theme being “Building on a Strong Foundation”.  They are volcanic islands, prone to earthquakes, cyclones, floods and droughts, and so the theme is very appropriate. There is great poverty and lack of political or religious will to bring in gender equality. 83% are Christian mainly Presbyterian, also Anglican, Roman Catholic and Seventh day Adventist church communities. English and French are the official languages. 

We are including the prayers from the service in our intercessions today, and would love if you would remember these resilient people in your prayers particularly on Friday 5th March being that Special Day throughout the world. (There will be a service also on today (28th) on RTE 1 at 11.00 a.m. which you might like to record.)    If you wish to donate a small sum I am happy to receive it in cash, where possible. It will be lodged safely into the WDP Account in the bank in due course. My Mobile  is 0862612442, and you’re welcome to phone me to arrange  collection.’

If you wish to donate to Parish funds, there are many ways for you to do this .

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Helen Arnopp, Ballea, Carrigaline,  P43 HT95

If you would like to directly transfer money to the parish, or set up a standing order,

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If you’d like to use the online facilities,

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This year, the Annual Revision of the List of Vestry Members will be online at 7:30pm this coming Monday 1st March.  Normally this would take place in the Parish Hall where the actual Vestry Register of all Vestry members who may vote at the Annual Easter Vestry is opened for examination and amendment but this is no normal year! This year we will have a Zoom Meeting where the Register will be visible on screen for anyone to examine.  If you are not already registered as a Vestry member and would like to be, or if you’re not sure whether or not you are registered, please contact the Rector who can, if necessary, send you a form to be filled in and returned before 1st March deadline .


DIOCESAN MAGAZINES: We are unable to access the hard copy of the diocesan magazine during the current restrictions  and if any subscriber would like to receive a copy of the magazine by email please send me a message to my email address : 

The hard copies will be available once restrictions permit again.    Thank-you, Rowland Newenham

Music Notes 28-02-2021


568  Father, we adore you.

147 The Lord’s my shepherd

             (Thanks and Praise)

73   The day thou gavest, Lord

You may have been a bit startled to hear some quite different music before our service today. This is music from the island of Futuna in the Pacific Ocean which is part of the Republic of Vanuatu. The hymns for the service today were chosen by the Christian women of Vanuatu to commemorate the World Day of Prayer.

The island of Futuna is a spectacular island rising out of the ocean in sheer cliffs and is home to about 400 people. The music of the island was influenced by the colonising French and British. The hymn we hear at the beginning of the service was probably introduced by the London Missionary Society who began proselytising on the island in 1866. Hymn singing became a popular social activity  and the tradition is still strong. The song heard after the service sounds quite like Hawaiian music which is not surprising since the Futunans are of Polynesian descent. Group singing with guitar, ukulele and percussion accompaniment is a popular pastime. This song was recorded at a festival in 1990 and is a love song in the Futunan language.

These recordings were collected by the Smithsonian Institute of America which is now affiliated with the Library of Congress in Washington. If anyone is interested in exploring world folk music and culture may I recommend the Smithsonian Folkways website. This is a wonderful resource of recordings collected all over the world and collated online for us all to access and enjoy.

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

Random Notes CCCLXIX

Some jobs aren’t nearly as grand as their titles would suggest.

         When Charles de Saint-Evremond (1613-1703) fell out with the French Government and was forced into exile, he moved to London where he hoped to find employment at the court of Charles II.   This put the King in a very difficult position because Saint-Evremond was extremely well-connected and popular in London.

The King did not want to offend Saint-Evremond nor upset the French Government. He came up with a perfect, if rather strange, solution.   He remembered that the island in the middle of the lake in St Jame’s Park was known as Duck Island so he made Saint-Evremond Governor of Duck Island.

This pleased Saint-Evremond and his friends as they had no idea of what Duck Island actually was and it also neatly avoided upsetting the French Ambassador, who did know what it was and what it signified.

Saint-Evremond never returned to France. He remained Governor of Duck Island and died in London in 1703.

He was buried in Westminster Abbey.


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