Pew Sheet – 3rd April 2022

The Rector writes   ‘I know many of you are very disturbed by the situation in Ukraine and feel that it is hard to know how to help. We are still collecting in the churches for Bishops’ Appeal and the Book/Cake Sale for ‘Together-Razem’ will have raised some money on Saturday 2nd. As a worshipping community we are obviously praying intently as well. During Lent, at 7pm each night, many of us stop to pray for peace in Ukraine and in the world.

We believe that every time we raise our voice in prayer, something changes somewhere.  As C.S. Lewis said ‘Prayer doesn’t change God, it changes us’. There is a tradition on Thursday of Holy Week, when the altar is stripped after the Holy Communion Service, that people can remain in the church to pray in the silence, which symbolises keeping ‘watch’ with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  This year, I intend to remain in the church overnight to pray.  Some of the Healer/Prayer group will keep watch with me during the night and if you would like to spend some of that night in prayer in the church, you might let me know as it would be easiest to have some kind of a rota so that people could be there for just an hour at a time.’

He Qi ’The Garden of Gethsemane’

10th April   Palm Sunday:

 9:30am Morning Prayer in St John’s. Palm & Passion Liturgies

11am     Morning Prayer in St Mary’s including Palm Procession with Billy the Donkey, returning for Passion Liturgy in the church.

11th April   Monday of Holy Week:

10.30am Holy Communion in St Mary’s

12th April  Tuesday of Holy Week:

10.30am Holy Communion in St Mary’s

13th April  Wednesday of Holy Week:

10.30am Holy Communion in St Mary’s

14th April  Maundy Thursday:

12 noon   Diocesan Chrism Eucharist in St Factna’s Cathedral, Rosscarbery.

 7:30pm   Maundy Thursday Eucharist in St Mary’s, including washing of  the feet.

 8:30pm till Dawn    Keeping ‘Watch’ with Jesus   St Mary’s Church

15th April  Good Friday:

10.30am  St John’s – Morning Prayer with Litany

12 noon   Stations of the Cross in St Mary’s Graveyard with our sister church of Our Lady & St John

7.30pm    St Mary’s – Evening Prayer with Litany and Passion Drama

16th April  Saturday of Holy Week:

9pm St Mary’s – Easter Vigil Service , confirmation candidates reading the first lesson, Pascal candle lit from outside byre.

17th April  Easter Sunday:

Dawn Service, meeting at 6:15am at St John’s Church Monkstown, walking with the parishioners of the Harbour Parishes to the Sea wall (Car Park) for an Ecumenical Service.

 9.30am St John’s – Easter Eucharist 

11am     St Mary’s – Easter Eucharist

Music Notes 03-04-2022

Hymns at St Mary’s

81      Lord for the years

566    Fight the good fight

373    To God be the glory

Today sees the introduction of some new congregational music. The Gallery Singers will be singing the Kyrie from Peter Nardone’s Kilcreggan Mass. This Mass was written during the Covid lockdown to provide music which can easily be learned by congregations who may not have a large church choir to lead singing.

The group will also introduce My soul is thirsting by Michael Joncas at the Communion. This is a responsorial psalm set to a lovely tune. We are hoping that the congregation in Carrigaline will soon get used to these melodies and join in singing them.

Look out for the fourth of our Music Monday videos which will be uploaded to the parish Facebook page on Monday morning, April 4th.

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

Random Notes CDXX

The other day, Alison Gash came into the garden centre to buy some compost. I asked her if she needed a hand getting it into her car, and she seemed hesitant, so I left her be.

A few minutes later, I was called to the tills to help someone out to their car. Alison explained that she had a rescue dog in her car and was worried how he might react when I opened the boot. I was fearing the worst, and pictured an angry, wild brute attacking me. Probably a Doberman or German Shepherd. She explained that the dog was a Lurcher, whom she had rescued from some people in Mahon, so I calmed a bit. I kept my distance as she opened the boot. The poor dog was petrified, especially of men. She managed to lure him out of the car on a lead while I put the bags of compost in her boot, but he made a beeline to protect himself under the car. How can such an innocent animal become so terrified?

I have had a rescue cat, “Mousey”, for three years, so I kind of understand the situation. I don’t think that she was ever mistreated, as she is not afraid of people, but she just adores company and comfort. The purrs and happiness when I come through the front door are unreal!! She was probably just ignored and left to fend for herself for the first few years of her life.

The Rector and her husband Liam, I know, have rescue dogs and understand the importance of giving these animals a place to call home. Rescue dogs and cats seem to understand that you have given them a second chance and although sometimes confused, they eventually respond with an incredible affection and appreciation.  Mousey has no desire to wander the neighbourhood. All she wants to do is stay warm and cosy in her safe home. The furthest she will venture is on to the roof of the neighbours shed to sunbathe!   As someone once said to me, these little creatures have souls too. In the words of hymn 50, “Think of a world without any animals…”


After a gap of two years, there will again be a box at the back of St Mary’s Church to Collect Easter Eggs for the children in Cuanlee Women’s Refuge. 

Thank you to Joy Keefe for organising this lovely initiative each year.  

Online Lenten Retreat (Zoom)

Saturday 9th April

11am till 1pm

For more information or to register, please email

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