Pew Sheet – 5th May 2024

Peter Coughlan writes  ‘During the most challenging times of Covid with lockdowns and isolation we were blessed in this parish by the technical skills of Simon Woodworth who arranged the required cameras and other equipment which allowed us to stream services live and to remain in contact as a church family. Thankfully that period is now behind us but this great addition to our church outreach has remained and become very important to those who may not be able to attend our church services in person. 

We now have a small team of volunteers who set up the recording each Sunday from a small console at the front of the church. We work from a set of reasonably straight forward instructions and have a rota so volunteers are only called upon once a month or so.  If you would like

to join us as a volunteer or even just to enquire about what’s involved, please contact myself Peter Coughlan 086 3453361 or Canon Elaine or our Wardens and we would be delighted to chat to you!’

The Rector writes  ‘Welcome to our visitors today ‘Juvenalia Choir’ from Finland who are taking part in the Choral Festival’s ‘Sacred Trail Programme’. You’ll find more details on the Music Notes page. We look forward to hearing them sing and to chatting with them afterwards over light refreshments in the Parish Hall. ‘

Service of Light

 Adam Fitzroy, Alex Lucey and Paddy O’Leary hope to be confirmed next Sunday 12th May in St John’s Church, Monkstown 

As a lighted candle is passed to each of the confirmation candidates representing the light of Christ, We remember the important role many people have had in the spiritual formation in their lives so far, and we thank all of them for their energy and commitment.

Let us pray for each of these candidates, that they might hold the light of Christ in their hearts and display his light in their lives.

We send you out in the power of the Spirit

We send you out in love –

our love and the love of Christ

We send you out in faith

with a God who is faithful for ever

Go and continue to be part of the

transforming of the world.

Carry the light of Christ into all

the corners of the earth

Go in the peace of Christ. 


Music Notes 05-05-2024

Hymns and music at St Mary’s

We are delighted to welcome the Juvenalia Choir from Finland to enrich our service today. We will sing two congregational hymns:  Love divine to open the service

and There’s a Spirit in the air (this year’s Confirmation hymn) at the Offertory. The order of music is  listed below – a lovely mix of old and new.

Opening music:

634 Love divine

Exsultet justi     …………… Lodovico Viadana (1560-1627)

(Rejoice in the Lord, you righteous ones!)

At the gradual:

O Salutaris hostia    …… … …  Morton Levente Horvath (1983 -)

(O saving victim, opening wide the gates of Heaven)

At the Offertory:

314 There’s a Spirit in the air

At the Communion:

Esti dal  …   …   …   …   … Zoltán Kódaly (1882-1967)

Morning Star    … … … … Arvo Pärt  (1935 – )

At the close:

Finlandia   …    …   …   … Jean Sibelius (1865-1957)

The Juvenalia Choir is the flagship choir of Music Institute Juvenalia based in Espoo, Finland. Their conductor is Júlia Heéger who is a graduate of the prestigious Liszt Ferenc Academy in Budapest and the University of the Arts Helsinki.

We wish the choir the best of luck in competition at the Cork International Choral Festival!

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

Dates for your Diary

7th May   Movie Night

Emilio Estevez’s film The Way’ starring Martin Sheen  will be shown in the Parish Hall 7:30pm

9th May           Ascension Day

10:30am  Holy Communion in St Mary’s Church (note no Wednesday Service)

12th May  Parish Confirmation

11am in St John’s Church (note NO Service in St Mary’s Church that day)  All parishioners are encouraged to be there for our 3 young people.

15th May     Mothers’ Union Outing

1pm in Rochestown Park Hotel for a Bistro Lunch.

Lifts can be arranged with Deirdre Whitley 0862612442, or Valerie Andrew 0871270457.

18th May   Youth Group (details to come later….)

19th May    Pentecost  

Services at normal times, Sunday Club Prizegiving at 11am Service

The Parish Fete  will be held on June 8th in the School grounds. Please start keeping items aside for the Fete. Thank you.

Random Notes CDLVII


The lovely picture below was taken some time around 1990, while Arthur Heuston was still Rector. It conjures up all sorts of memories – people who are no longer with us and others who are a lot older today!   It also brings back memories for me, of growing up in Monkstown in the 70’s and 80’s.

I was watching the RTE programme “Raised by the village” recently. It’s quite good, and features children and young adults who have grown up in city suburbs where a sense of community is perhaps lacking in their lives. They join a family in a more rural location for a period during the summer. Their mobile ‘phones are taken away during their stay and they immerse themselves in family and village activities. In all cases, the children return to their city families as better people.

Monkstown was a wonderful place to grow up. Casey’s shop (where Napoli is now) provided everyone with “messages” and sweets for children. When the QE2 visited Monkstown Bay, I remember Peg Exham inquiring in the shop if the “Queen Mary” was in yet! I thought to myself…”gosh, Peg Exham must be ancient”!!   I used my bike to travel everywhere close by – practicing on the organ in St John’s, cutting old ladies’ hedges and of course messing around the woods in the Demesne and the Devil’s half acre. Well into her 80’s, I recall Muriel Garde writing a cheque whilst sitting cross legged on her lawn. One evening after I had been practicing the organ, Sean Doyle was patrolling the area when he saw the lights on in the church and asked me if everything was alright, to which I re-assured him. His wife Joan, would get the family groceries in the shop and would be laden with plastic bags which she trawled all the way up Fairy Hill. Sargent Flannery knew everyone’s business and who they were related to. There was always something happening in the Parochial Hall, be it a cake sale, Guides, jumble sale and every Good Friday there was an event for children in the hall.

You’d always be given something for free at these events.  I could go on forever…  Oh yes – Charlie Hennessy parking his car wherever it stopped outside the shop…..!!!    



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