Pew Sheet – 7th June 2020

The Rector writes  ‘Today , 7th June, should have been our Parish Confirmation Service and I’m thinking of the eight young people who had worked so hard at their preparation classes before this virus lockdown.  Hopefully we will be celebrating their special day in the not too distant future and in the meantime we will keep them in our prayers.

Some of the confirmation group pictured at the Bishop’s Confirmation Morning on 7th March, one of the last days we gathered together.

A ‘younger’ parishioner is organising a virtual Bake Sale for parish funds!, see inside for more details. Thank you Pamela for all your energy and I hope many of us will bake and buy for you. Unfortunately I will probably end up doing more buying (& eating) than actually baking…. but it’s all for a good cause! ‘


Socially Distanced Bake Sale  You Donut Want to Miss This!

With the whole country practicing their baking during lockdown, it’s time to put our newly acquired skills to good use and raise some much-needed dough for Carrigaline Union of Parishes. Next Saturday 13th we will host a socially distanced bake sale.

Parishioners — we would love if you could whip up some cookies, cakes, biscuits, brownies, sweets, scones — we’ll even accept rice krispie buns! Once baked, please drop them to Pamela Newenham’s house (or the Rectory) on Friday (12th June) or before 12 noon on Saturday (13th June).

Pamela lives in Coolbeg which is John and Vola Newenham’s old house – the Eircode is P43 EP02.

If dropping your baked goods off in a lunch box or plastic container, please put your name and phone number on the container so we can get it back to you. If you cannot drop off goods due to cocooning or other reasons, but would still like to bake something, we can pick up from you. Text/call Pamela and we will arrange collection.

We will be dividing the baked goods into boxes. Each box will contain a selection of sweet treats. Small boxes will be €10 per box and large boxes will be €15 per box.

If you would like to purchase a box text Pamela on 086 3961770 with your name and the size box you would like to purchase (and where you will collect box).

Boxes will be available for collection from Pamela’s house (or the Rectory) between 2pm and 8pm on Saturday (13th June). If you are unable to leave your house due to cocooning or other reasons, we can deliver them to you on Sunday (14th June).

Please do purchase a box or two as the whole Newenham family have a sweet tooth, and all the dentists are shut!

By purchasing a box, you will be dough-nating to a very good cause – Carrigaline Union of Parishes.

Our Church is in knead, with plate collections gone due to Covid-19 restrictions which prevent Sunday and other services. Let the baking begin!     (PN)


Greetings to you all from the Music Department!

It feels good to be back in touch with you all through the Music Notes. Organists have been missing contributing to Sunday services, enhancing the themes of worship through our choice of hymns and organ voluntaries.  We are not clear yet on what the immediate future holds for congregational worship and singing, but we are all trying to find ways to contribute to the streamed services now run by most churches.

I hope to supply some organ music for streamed services in Carrigaline over the coming weeks and would encourage any of you who sing or play an instrument to consider doing the same. Please get in touch through email or phone call if you are interested and we can discuss how that might be achieved.

I hope to play hymns we might have sung together and also some reflective pieces at the offertory. If you have favourite hymns you would like to hear do please let me know, using either of the contact details listed below.

Please contact the Rector for contact details

Music notes 07/06/2020

The choice of hymns for Trinity Sunday is difficult as so many of the best hymns are suitable for that feast. One of our most popular hymns is often sung on that day – All things bright and beautiful.   It was written by a prolific female composer of hymns, Fanny Alexander. She was born in Dublin in 1818 and died in Derry in 1895. Her father had a distinguished career as a marine in the Napoleonic wars and subsequently became agent to the Earl of Wicklow.   Fanny married William Alexander, a clergyman, who finished his clerical career as Bishop of Derry and Raphoe. Fanny wrote many hymns, among them There is a green hill far away and St Patrick’s Breastlpate. I look forward to playing the latter with you next year – a fine uplifting hymn beloved by organists and congregations in Ireland.


Random Notes CCCXLIII

“What is the difference between Horticulture and Botany?

Horticulture is the art or science of cultivating gardens and comes from the Latin word hortus, meaning garden. Botany is the study of plants – their characteristics, classification, structure, physiology and ecology. There is a strong presence of both within the history of the Church of Ireland.

In the early and mid 20th century, Horticulture was a subject that many young ladies learned about in Rochelle and  finishing schools. Within our own parish, this is borne out by the knowledge shared by the likes of the late Heather Pennefather, Peggy Woothon and  Helen Morgan.

But in Georgian and Victorian times, plant hunting was far from a job for ladies! Due to micro-propagation methods of today, and the mass and cheap supply of plants we can easily forget the life threating positions that intrepid plant hunters placed themselves in to bring us the colour, glory and magic of plants. Frances Masson (1741-1805) brought us the Amaryllis,  Pelargonium and Strelizia reginae (Bird of Paradise) from South Africa in 1772, after being attacked by a group of escaped convicts on Table Mountain. 

David Douglas (1799-1834) joined the Horticultural Society of London (the “Royal” was added later) in 1823 and was sent to New England, bringing us back many new varieties of apple, pear, peach, plum and grape. He discovered the Douglas fir that now bears his name. Once while trying to gather seeds from a tall tree he had to use his gun to shoot down the large cones. Indians appeared in war paint and after some tense moments, he bid a hasty retreat with three cones. Throughout his expeditions he experienced mishaps and calamities and it is a testament to his fortitude that he endured these long and dangerous trips. In 1830, on another trip to California, he came across the Noble fir. Unfortunately, his luck finally ran out at the age of 35 when he fell into a cattle pit and was gored to death by a bull.”



All of the Confirmation Candidates who should have been confirmed today
Trinity Sunday 7th June 2020

How to view Live Stream Services

If you are on a PC , just go to the parish website and under the top right hand corner of the screen you’ll see  ‘’Live Streaming of Services’  If you click on that you will be able to choose to view the service.  You can also google ‘Carrigaline Union of Parishes Youtube’ and click on the link to see the recorded services.  A huge thank you to Simon Woodworth, our Webmaster, for all the work he is doing to keep our online presence possible.  This pew sheet has the readings for today and the prayers of intercession. A copy of the Holy Communion Service was sent out with previous emails, if you’d like a copy just let me know.  The Church of Ireland website has all of the Book of Common Prayer online if you’d like to look at it click on the link below. .  

The sermon and the Intercessions along with the contents of the Pew Sheet are put up on the parish website on Mondays if you want to read them there. 

Parish Finances  

Some of you were asking me what to do about your giving during this time of not being able to gather in our churches. If you use envelopes, you can post it to Helen Arnopp, our Honorary Treasurer, at her address in Ballea, Carrigaline, P43 HT95 or if you’d rather set up a standing order or transfer , here are the details of our deposit bank account:

IBAN – IE47BOFI90297974081798   BIC – BOFIIE2D

There is also a GoFundMe link on the Parish Facebook page and as of this week we have  an iDonate link on our parish website and on our Facebook page (under the odd sounding  ‘Shop Now’ Button!) … it’s all very ‘hi-tech’ ! 

But there is also the ‘lo-tech’ way as well! Some parishioners have set up a jam jar at home and are putting their usual ‘Plate’ giving into the jar with the intention of passing it on to the Parish when this is all over.


Every Wednesday at 10:30am there is a Morning Prayer from the Rectory by Zoom. Contact the Rector for link.

The Wednesday nights Zoom Gatherings are at 7:30/8pm. You can check in from 7:30pm and then we begin at 8pm. So far we have looked at paintings by Sieger Koder and now we are looking at some Poems of Patrick Kavanagh. In order to join the Zoom Meeting, contact the Rector.


…… just google ‘zoom us’ and you will be led to the Zoom site where you can follow directions to download the Zoom software on your device, then you have to register as a user, using your usual email address and picking a new Zoom password.

It is all completely free so don’t worry about costs.

Zoom software is being used everywhere at the minute and it is very user friendly. In the parish we use it now for Select Vestry meetings, I also use it daily for Morning Prayer with the other clergy in the diocese and we use it for Diocesan meetings, Boards of Management etc. so do try it.  

If you have any problems with installing Zoom, let me know and I will try and walk through it with you. I’m afraid we are going to be relying on it for some time yet!

God bless, Elaine

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