Parish Notices Sunday 10th December 2017

The Rector writes For the day that’s in it, I thought you might like to hear a little of the history of Cribs or Nativity Scenes. Saint Francis of Assisi is credited with creating the first live nativity scene back in 1223 in

order to encourage devotion to Christ. He had been

inspired by his visit to the Holy Land, where he’d been shown Jesus’s traditional birthplace. His event’s success

inspired other communities to stage similar pantomimes and the tradition spread. While the term “nativity scene” is of course any representation of the subject of the birth of Jesus in art, we tend to use it to refer to seasonal displays like our own this weekend, where we have a  reenactment “living nativity scene’ or as the French say ‘tableau vivant’ in which real humans and

animals participate.  Thanks again to the incredibly hard working team of people who have pulled this off again.

It is such a busy time and yet they are giving their time in order that others can benefit from an even deeper  connection to the coming of Christ to our world.



Today                             Live Crib  continues 2-6pm

11th Dec                            Toddlers Plus One 10am – 12 noon Parish Hall

Monday Club 3pm until 5pm Parish Hall

13th Dec                           Holy Communion 10:30am in St Mary’s Church

13th & 20th Dec            Advent Talks Series 8pm Parish Hall

14th December               Friendship Club 11am Rectory

15th December               Community Carols 7:30pm St Mary’s

with the Carrigaline Singers

17th December               Nine Lessons & Carols 4pm St John’s with the

Monkstown Chamber Choir (no 9:30am Service)

18th December              Toddlers + 1  10am Christmas Carols Parish Hall,

Monday Club & MU Carols 3pm Parish Hall

24th December             Eucharist 9:30am St John’s Church,

Carols around the Crib 4pm St Mary’s Church,

(no 11am Service)

First Eucharist of the Nativity 11:30pm St Mary’s

25th December              Eucharist St John’s Church  9.30am

Eucharist St Mary’s Church 11am

27th December              Midweek Eucharist St Mary’s Church, 10:30am

31st December               United Christingle Service St Mary’s  11am


Random Notes No. CCLV


“If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” isn’t always the best advice, as the Rector of Prescot in Lancashire found to his cost four centuries ago, during the reign of James I.

The King was staying with the Earl of Derby in Lathom House. While riding along a country lane, he spotted something glittering in one of the ruts, on stopping to have a closer look, he saw it was a silver horseshoe. The King put it in his pocket, thinking it belonged to the Earl or else one of the noblemen travelling with James himself.

After dinner that evening the King produced the horseshoe and asked who the owner was.

To James’s great surprise, it was claimed by the Rector of Prescot who was there that night.

“Well”, said the King, “if the produce of your Rectory is such as to enable you to shoe your horse with silver, it is time that money so wasted was appropriated for better purposes.”

He therefore commanded that the great tithes of Prescot should henceforth be paid to King’s College, Cambridge, and the Rector be reduced to the rank of  Vicar.

(It seems that horseshoes don’t always bring good luck!)



The Rector of this Parish would like to assure all readers , that the last time she checked,  she was not in possession of any Silver Horseshoes.  (EM)











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