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YOUTH NEWS  Following a recent “homelessness awareness” event at St Anne’s Shandon,  Oriel Hosford has written a very informative report:

The fun started at 10am on Saturday the 23rd of April when CDYC East met in St Anne’s Church to start the action packed day. As soon as everyone had arrived and met with their friends from around the diocese, we trekked up the steep, narrow steps of the tower, ringing the famous Shandon bells on the way.

We reached the top to be met by a breath-taking view of Cork City and the miles beyond. With no time to spare we headed off for Penny Dinners to be  greeted by the happy and humble atmosphere. After being told what Penny  Dinners were all about we got our hands dirty making and packing sandwiches for the day ahead. Time went fast and before long we were left off for an hour to get some food and shop around the city. After our time in the city was up, we headed back to the church hall and had a speech of what the Simon Community does and why people become homeless. The day ended with a bible session (thanks to the  Revd Tony Murphy), pizzas and games. Thank you Kristin for the brilliant day we had and we are all looking forward to the next big event (well I know I am anyway!)”

Parish Fête. This year’s Parish Fête will take place at the end of this month, Saturday 28th May in the Canon McCrea Hall and the grounds of the School. Please contact Eddie Pierce (087-2557505) if you would like to be involved in helping out at a stall or if you have any items for any of the stalls. This is a very important fund-raiser in the parish so please do dig around in the cupboards, attics and garages for good quality items! We can arrange to collect ..just shout! Items can also be left in the Parish Office during opening hours.


This year our Parish will join again with Templebreedy Parish to run a children’s Bible-based Holiday Club from 18th to 22nd  July in the Canon McCrea Hall, St Mary’s School. 10am till 1pm. €30 per child or €70 per family, which includes snack. Registration forms are available from the Parish Office or the Rector.

Coeliac Society of Ireland, Cork Support Group will hold a Summer Party on Tuesday 10th May  in SMA Centre Wilton at 8pm.There will be a cooking demo and a dietician in attendance.  All Welcome. (€5 entrance fee).

Carrigaline Family Support Centre need Volunteer Drivers for their Community Bus. If you have a D or D1 licence and some free time please ring 4919299 or email

Cobh and Glanmire Parish Annual Garden Fête  will take place on the afternoon of  Saturday 7th May at 2.30 pm in the grounds of St Mary and All Saints Church, Church  Hill, Glanmire. All welcome.


8th May    Choral Evensong 7pm St John’s Church

9th May    Toddlers Plus One 10 to 12pm Parish Hall

Monday Club 3pm to 5pm Parish Hall

12th May   Friendship Club 11am Joyce Loney’s House

15th May   Dawn Chorus 5am Currabinny Woods Carpark

20th May   Family Beetle Drive 7.30pm Canon McCrea Hall

28th May   Parish Féte 10am till 2pm St Mary’s School

29th May   United Service St Mary’s 11am Sunday School

Prize-giving and Parish Picnic in the Rectory Grounds

7pm Service of Wholeness & Healing in St John’s Church, Monkstown



Random Notes CXCI


Just over 100 years ago the Aud was scuttled near the entrance of Cork Harbour. Actually the SS Libau, the Aud was a German ship that started out life as the SS Castro, built in 1907 for the Wilson Line in Hull. The SS Castro was captured by the Imperial German Navy in 1914 when she was renamed the SS Libau.

The SS Libau then spent the next two years doing nothing, until she was chosen to carry arms to Ireland to aid the Easter rising. At that point she was assigned the name Aud. She was loaded with 20,000 rifles, a million rounds of ammunition, some machine guns and explosives with clockwork timers. The plan was to sail to Tralee Bay to be met by Roger Casement, who was travelling separately in the U-Boat U-19.

Under the command of Karl Spindler, the Aud successfully evaded British blockades and endured stormy weather near Rockall to reach Tralee Bay on April 20th. Unfortunately, Captain Spindler was unaware the arrival date had been changed to April 23rd. Separately Roger Casement had been captured and the needed crew to offload the arms had died in a car crash. Trying to escape, the Aud was eventually trapped by a blockade of British ships and forced to sail under the escort of HMS                    Bluebell to Cork Harbour.

At the approaches to Cork Harbour, the crew of the Bluebell noticed that the Aud had stopped; her crew observed a small cloud of white smoke issuing from the after hold. At the same time two German Naval Ensigns were flown from the mast and two boats were launched, one from either side. The Bluebell went round across the bows, and the occupants of the two boats, coming towards her, hoisted a flag of truce, and put up their hands.

They were taken prisoners on the Bluebell and the Aud sank almost immediately afterwards. Captain Spindler had scuttled the Aud, using pre-set charges of explosives in the aft hold.

Recent discussions on radio have suggested that the Naval Ensigns were flown so the German crew would not be arrested as spies, a crime punishable by death. Instead the crew of the Aud were interred as prisoners of war for the remainder of World War I. Additionally, it is suggested that the captain of the Bluebell went to the trouble of nudging the sinking Aud to ensure she did not block the harbor entrance.

After the war Captain Spindler documented his adventures in a book titled “Gun Running for Casement.” An online copy may be found at




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