Parish Notices Sunday 20th October 2019

The Rector writes ‘There is a parish event coming up in November called ‘Faith in Action’ , which is really an information evening in the Parish Hall where various groups will tell us about how we can put our faith into action in many diverse ways. I hope that on the night groups like the Samaritans, Cork Simon, Street Pastors, Penny Dinners, Mothers’ Union, Eco Congregation and the ‘Carrigaline Welcome Group’ will have information leaflets to hand out and will help guide us in how we can, stepping out in faith, help other people in some capacity.  It’s at 7:30pm on Wednesday 13th November so if you would like to think about how to extend your faith into some type of concrete action, come along and chat to the groups in the Parish Hall. There will of course be refreshments there!  I quote again from St Theresa of Avila’s famous poem   ‘Christ has no body now but yours …. YOURS are the hands with which he blesses the world’

Saplings Home Group are meeting in the Poole’s home on                 Wednesday 23rd October at 8pm. All welcome. 087 2649523.

Christian Aid  2020 Calendars now available from John Sweeney in Monkstown. 10 euro each. A great way to support this worthy organisation!

The Owenabue Garden and Flower club, Carrigaline,  will hold their annual decorative show on Monday 21 October at 8 pm in St Mary’s school hall. “Autumn Glam” demonstration will be given by Melanie Harris AOIFA. Visitors welcome. Enquiries to 086 3222615.

Carrigaline Union & Douglas Union with Frankfield Drama  are having another wonderful Theatre Supper event this November (29th &  30th November & 1st December).  Again held in the Canon Packham Hall in St Luke’s Douglas, this year’s play is‘A Secret Life’ and tickets for the three nights will be available shortly. Talk to Olna Trotter for more details but for now make sure to put one of the dates in your diary ! 

Musical Notes

Anglican Chant:  an excellent introduction to this topic entitled “Introduction to Anglican Chant” by Michael Sanchez can be found on YouTube.

Hymn requests:  if you have a favourite hymn do let us know by using the suggestion box at the rear of the churches.

John Keble (1792-1866), for whom Keble College in Oxford is named,  wrote the poem New every morning is the love. His poetry has been described as “exquisitely delicate and refined”.

Random Notes CCCXIX

In his book, “The Light of Other Days”, Sam Hutchison lists many inscriptions on various tombs, graves and memorials in Church of Ireland Cathedrals, Churches and Graveyards all around Ireland.  

Some interesting anecdotes are connected to the people they commemorate.

A church in Drumcondra, Dublin, for instance, contains the memorial to Dr Marmaduke Coghill, 1673-1738, he was Lord Chancellor of Ireland and one of his most famous judgements was recorded by Dean Swift, “when a man was sued for beating his wife, Coghill gave the opinion that although a man did not have the right to beat his wife severely, yet, with a little cane or switch, a husband was at liberty, and indeed invested with the power, to give his wife a moderate correction.”

(Coghill was engaged to be married at the time but, for some reason, his fiancée ended the engagement and died unmarried!).

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Trim, Co Meath contains a memorial to Thomas Lewis O’Beirne, 1747-1823. Brought up as  Roman Catholic, he went to France to study for the Priesthood, but while in England, became ill. When he recovered, he converted to the Anglican Church and was ordained in 1772.  After spending four years as a Naval Chaplain, he returned to Ireland and in 1791 was appointed Rector of Templemichael, where in a most unusual  coincidence, one of his brothers was the P.P. at the same time! In 1795, he was secretary and chaplain to the Lord Lieutenant. In 1798 he was appointed Bishop of Meath, he held this post until his death 25 years later. During that time he presided over the building of as many as 72 glebe houses and 57 churches.

Private Robert Scott V.C. is buried in the grounds of Christ Church, Kilkeel, Co Down. He won the Victoria Cross at the beginning of 1900 during the Boer War. While defending a position on the outskirts of Ladysmith, following many casualties, he was one of just three survivors. In spite of being attacked by a strong enemy force and having no food or water, they held out for 15 hours until reinforcements arrived. Scott was wounded but soon returned to duty and served for the next four months without once being absent from duty. During WWI he was quartermaster sergeant with the Manchester Regiment, and afterwards joined the Ulster Special Constabulary. He was 65 when WWII began, but lied about his age, and joined the R.A.F., where he served until D-Day in 1944. (They’re not making ‘em like they used to!)


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