Parish Notices Sunday 31st May 2015

The Rector writes ‘ Next week many of our young people will begin State exams. I hope that they will be able to dredge up all that they have learned over the last years in Secondary School.  The candle we received at the Graduation Mass from the Carrigaline Community School will be lit at our Services in St Mary’s Church during Exam time and we will keep them all in our prayers. Good Luck!  The Blood Transfusion Board will be visiting Carrigaline next week (see the Posters at the back of the Churches) and I would appeal to you to donate blood if you possibly can. It is a wonderful way for us to help others with just a minimum of effort. If you have never given blood , I can assure you that I am no Hero so when I say it doesn’t hurt –it really doesn’t! I have been donating blood since I was 18 and I think that there are really not that many altruistic things that we can do in life but this is certainly one of them. Please think about it – your blood might just be the blood that  saves another person’s life’

SUMMER HOLIDAY CLUB ‘JUNGLE JAMBOREEThis year our Parish will join again with Templebreedy Parish to run a children’s Bible-based Holiday Club from 20th to 24th July in the Canon McCrea Hall, St Mary’s School. 10am till 1pm. €30 per child or €70 per family, which includes snack. Registration forms are available from the Parish Office or the Rector.

‘Grace and Flavours’  a collection of thoughts, prayers and graces accompanied by 50 delicious but simple seasonal recipes to take us through the church and calendar year. €4 per copy.  Buy one after church or ask Hilary about them. Monies raised from both the ‘Ladies’ Night Out’ and the booklet sales will go towards our Mothers’ Union  ‘Mums in May’ countrywide  fundraising. Thanks for your support. (HD)

ARDFALLEN SUMMER MARKET is on Saturday 6th June from 2pm to 5pm at the Ardfallen Centre, Douglas Road. In aid of Crumlin Childrens’ Hospital and Eifel Dispensary , a voluntary run Clinic in Sri Lanka. There will be afternoon tea, bouncy castle, face painting, books, cakes, gifts and plants etc.

Scrap Metal Collection

For information call Adrian Bateman on 0868300379 or Henry Forbes on 0872035000  A full listing of acceptable items and materials is on the  website www.carrigalineunion.


 June 8th   Toddler Plus One 10am Parish Hall

Monday Club 3 – 5pm Parish Hall

Charting A Future  Parish Meeting 7.30pm Parish Hall.

June 11th Friendship Club, 11am Rectory

July 11th Parish Garden Party

July 16th Theological Book Circle, 8pm Rectory Garden

July 20th—24th Holiday Club 10-1 Canon McCrea Hall

Sept 4th  Parish Barbecue 7.30pm Rectory Garden


Random Notes CXLI


To the right of the main entrance to St Mary’s church is a small marking chiseled into the stone. It’s a horizontal line with three lines radiating downwards from its centre. This is a benchmark and indicates a specific elevation above mean sea level, or datum.

Benchmarks were used by mapping surveyors to establish the precise elevation of landscape features. The term bench mark, or benchmark, originates from the chiseled horizontal marks that surveyors made in stone structures, into which an angle-iron could be placed to form a “bench” for a leveling rod, so that a leveling rod could be accurately repositioned in the same place in the future. These marks were usually indicated with a chiseled arrow below the horizontal line.

The term is generally applied to any item used to mark a point as an elevation reference. Frequently, bronze or aluminum disks are set in stone or concrete, or on rods driven deeply into the earth to provide a stable elevation point.

The elevation of a benchmark is calculated relative to the heights of nearby benchmarks in a network extending from a fundamental benchmark. A fundamental benchmark is a point with a precisely known relationship to the level datum of the area, typically mean sea level. The position and height of each benchmark is shown on large-scale maps.

An historic 25” Ordnance Survey map of Carrigaline places the Benchmark on the northwest corner of the church. It is annotated B.M. 40.1, referring to its elevation above datum. B.M. 44.7 may be found further west on Church Road, though dramatic changes in Carrigaline’s urban landscape since these maps were drawn may make it difficult to find!




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