Pew Sheet – 12th December 2021

The Rector writes ‘Today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent, called  Rejoice Sunday or Gaudete Sunday. The

candle we light today is Rose coloured (pink !) because that is the liturgical colour for joy and rejoicing. Gaudete Sunday reminds us of the joy that the world experienced at the birth of Jesus, as well as the joy that the faithful (that’s us ! ) have reached the midpoint of Advent.

If you are already at the stage of planning your New Year resolutions you might like to consider joining a few of us in the parish who are going to try to read every book of the Bible during  2022.

The bit to read on each day of the year is laid out in the printed booklet available at the back of the Church or you can look it up on the parish website. Next year might be the year you finally get to grips with ALL of the Bible!

Do think about it ! ’


Diocesan Magazine subscriptions are now due. €25 for 2022.
You may hand your subscription to one of the churchwardens,

or you may post your subscription to

Rowland Newenham, Cooleens, Church Road, Carrigaline P43 FR88,

or you may also pay online to Rowland Newenham, BUT PLEASE PLACE YOUR NAME IN THE REFERENCE LINE OF THE PAYMENT

IBAN IE14 BOFI 9029 7916 8630 62



The confirmation preparation classes will begin on Thursday 20th January in the Parish Hall (5pm—6:30pm each Thursday)  I now have a group of 9 young people and if you would like to be confirmed and you haven’t already given me your name, then please email me in the next couple of weeks. Thank you , Canon Elaine

Music Notes 12-12-21

Hymns at St Mary’s

373 To God be the glory
492 Ye servants of God
123 Hark! A thrilling voice is sounding
712 Tell out my soul

Our third hymn today is based on an ancient hymn, Vox clara ecce intonat, often attributed to St
Ambrose. From the 10th century onwards it was designated for use in monasteries during the Advent season at the offices of Matins and Lauds.
It has been described as ‘an excellent summary of the leading ideas of Advent’. The tune, Merton, was
composed by W.H. Monk (1823-1889). Monk was an organist at various leading London churches including King’s College. He described the ideal hymn tune as possessing ‘simplicity, breadth, and strength’, all
qualities which this tune demonstrates.

Notes today were written with the assistance of the Church of Ireland Companion to the Church Hymnal, as well as the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology. These are wonderful resources if you are interested in hymns and their tunes.

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

Random Notes  CDVI

 Coffee wasn’t always the popular drink it is now. When it was introduced to Rome in the Middle Ages, it was regarded with suspicion and even downright hostility by some people.

Two high-ranking members of the clergy in the Vatican came to the pope one day, informing him that an evil potion had recently come to the city, and warning him of the dire consequences that would follow if the people were allowed to drink it. It would heat their blood, inflame their passions and lead to acts of lust and violence, if his Holiness didn’t nip it in the bud by forbidding the consumption of this devilish concoction.

The pope, however, was not inclined to ban something without giving it a fair trial and making up his own mind about it.  A cup of coffee was brought in for him to taste (on drinking it, he must have wondered if his visitors had completely lost the plot as his verdict was the complete opposite of theirs).

He declared it to be an enjoyable and restorative drink with no evil qualities whatsoever attached to it and asked that it be served to him every day from then onwards.

Where the pope led, Italian aristocracy followed, and soon everyone who could afford it was sampling the newly fashionable beverage, with the possible exception of the original petitioners, who must have been seriously miffed at their objections having backfired so badly.

So, from now on, whenever you relax with a mug of your favourite brew, remember that you have something in common with a medieval pope who also loved a cuppa.


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