Pew Sheet – 15th January 2023

Hilary Dring writes ‘Soon the season of Lent will be here, a period when we often set aside time for reflection and maybe a Lent Course. It can be an opportunity to deepen our faith as well as our understanding of the world around us, both of which are intricately linked. A new online course called Equipping The Church To Take Action And End Domestic Abuse has recently been developed jointly by Mothers’ Union, Bishops’ Appeal and Tearfund and is now available to parishes around the country. The next course will begin in February and we plan to take part as a parish.  Many of you will be aware of the work Mothers’ Union does to raise awareness around gender violence and domestic abuse; our prayer and vision are to see communities transformed through what we do. Every part of society is affected by domestic abuse, every social group – everyone, adults and children alike. It is insidious, damaging, traumatic, terrifying and, for its victims, affects every part of their lives. Perpetrators are from all walks of life, male and female, rich and poor, they may be what we might consider respectable people, pillars of society as many are called.   Just in the past month, here in Cork,  a beautiful young Brazilian woman was murdered by a former boyfriend. Four out of five women who have died violently in recent years have been killed by a man known to them.

The course’s five sessions will give information about domestic abuse as well as help us as a parish to think about what we might be able to do to support victims and help end the scourge of violence against women, children, and men. The dates are 20th/27th Feb, 6th/9th and 13th of March.   It is open to everyone – maybe you would like to take part? Participants will definitely be better equipped to recognise the signs of domestic abuse and know where victims and perpetrators can find help and support. Please speak to the Rector or me if you are at all interested or have any further questions.’

Music Notes 15-01-2023

Hymns at St Mary’s

492     Ye servants of God

642     Amazing grace

80       Great is thy faithfulness

581      I, the Lord of sea and sky

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the composition of our hymn at the Gradual today – ‘Amazing Grace’. John Newton (1725-1807). Newton wrote the words of the hymn after a conversion experience while on a voyage home from West Africa in 1748. All efforts to save ship and crew from death in a violent storm at sea failed until he prayed “The Lord have mercy on us!”. This converted him to a belief in God and he became involved with the evangelical movement in Britain and was ultimately ordained in the Church of England.

Newton spent much of his seafaring days engaged in the slave trade but became an abolitionist in later life, deeply regretting his involvement in ‘a business at which my heart now shudders.’ The hymn became very popular in America in the nineteenth century, paired with an Appalachian folk tune which is the one we all know best today.     Ironically, it has also become associated with the Afro-American worship community and was famously led by Barack Obama at the funeral of Reverend Clementa Pinckney in South Carolina.

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

 Random Notes CDXLV

     Words     Meanings  
YORMAGORPINGContinual yawning
TOWHEENorth American Songbird
PHABLETSmart phone, almost big enough to be a tablet
RAMFEEZLETo weary out
RINGXIETYThe mistaken belief that one’s mobile phone is ringing
ROWLYRAGA type of volcanic stone
SCRODDLEDOf pottery, made of clay strips, of different colours
SCUTTLEBUTTRumour or Gossip



 Tickets now for sale for our productions on the 27th and 28th January Tickets are 15 euros and will be available after church for the next 3 Sundays or from cast members 

DIOCESAN MAGAZINE subscriptions now due. €30 for 2023.
You may hand your subscription to one of the churchwardens, you may post your subscription to Rowland Newenham, Cooleens, Church Road, Carrigaline P43 FR88, you may pay by Revolut @rowlandnewenham, or you may  pay online to Rowland

Newenham.  IBAN IE14 BOFI 9029 7916 8630 62 BIC: BOFIIE2D

Advance Notice

Parish Fundraising Auction, Saturday, 18th February, 2023

If you have have any furniture, pictures, silver, jewellery, brass ware  kitchen ware or appliances (in good and working order!), garden furniture and implements, clocks, toys (in good order), etc., etc., and would be prepared to donate same for the forthcoming, and much needed, auction, please contact any of the following:

Madeleine Geary, Rowland Newenham, Cecil Poole, Olna Trotter, or Lesley Roberts. 

Collection of larger items etc. can be arranged. 

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