Pew Sheet – 18th April 2021

The Rector writes  ‘The weather has been so lovely these last few days, it reminded me that it was nearly time to send out Sunflower Seeds in the post to all the children in the parish.  I normally give them out on Rogation Sunday, which this year is 9th May, but as that is still nearly a month away I think we should be probably sowing the seeds in the next couple of weeks. If you have school going children in your house, expect some Sunflower seeds to drop through your letterbox very soon and if you’re ’older’ and won’t get seeds from me, don’t let that stop you! . They are such lovely cheery flowers that’d lift anyone’s spirits. And don’t forget that who ever grows the tallest Sunflower wins a lovely prize at our Harvest Services in October.  Why not give it a go?’

Random Notes CCCLXXVI

Illustrated above are two photographs of a heavy brass plate bolted onto a section of wood from the first organ in the Church at Carrigaline.

The section of wood together with the brass plate are presently preserved at Mount Rivers, brought there shortly after much of the organ was destroyed by a fire which broke out in the Church early in the morning of Sunday, 23rd March, 2003.    The organ, built by the well know firm of Conacher, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, was formerly in the Church of St. Paul, Clogheen,  Diocese of Lismore,  and county of Tipperary,  a Church dating from 1846,  and closed some one hundred and thirty years later, in 1976.

It was originally installed in St. Paul’s in 1900 as a gift from Helena Christian Sutherland (1860-1917)

‘To the Glory of God, and in loving memoryof Frederick Grubb of Cooleville’;   [ Frederick Grubb (1815-1891), of Cooleville, nr. Clogheen,  father of Mrs. Sutherland ]

The instrument was removed from Clogheen, and re-installed in St. Mary’s Church, Carrigaline during the year of 1976 , and re-dedicated by the Bishops, of Cashel, Emly, Waterford, and Lismore, and of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross,  at half past three o’clock in the afternoon of Sunday, 5th December of the same year. The brass plate, prior to the organ being completed in its new setting, was additionally inscribed with the words

‘Donated to Carrigaline Parish by Clogheen Parish 1976’


Greetings from the music department!

As there are no music notes in the Pew Sheet for this week here are a few words from me in advance of this coming Sunday.

The hymns for this week are:

Hymn 277 Love’s redeeming work is done

All the way my Savior leads me

Hymn 3 God is love.

The first hymn is a parishioner request. Please feel free to email or text your suggestions, they are always welcome.

The second hymn was played at the funeral of our friend Vivienne Sharpe this week. It was a new one to me and I thought I would share it with you this Sunday as the words are beautiful.

The final hymn is a favourite and makes for an uplifting end to the service.

International Organ Day is coming on April 24th! Watch this space for some posts related to organs and organists in our Union.

The photo here is the name of the builder on the console of the organ at Cloyne Cathedral. The Magahy firm were very active in Ireland and abroad in the early years of the twentieth century. I believe one of the family is buried in the grounds of St. Mary’s church in Carrigaline.


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