Pew Sheet – 20th March, 2022

The Rector writes ’Along with many of you, I have been wracking my brains trying to think of ways to help the people fleeing from Ukraine. Hilary Dring brought to my attention a local Cork group ‘Together – Razem’ who have been providing services aimed at improving the living conditions of Poles and East-Central European migrants in Ireland since 2006.

The group are now leading the efforts supporting Ukrainians coming to the Cork area.

You can find out more about this group on their website

We decided to hold a Book and Cake Sale in the Parish Hall to try and raise some funds for the charity. The event will take place from 10am until 3pm on Saturday 2nd April. This gives us all plenty of time to dig out books and bake cakes!  You can drop books and cakes into the Parish Hall from 5:30 to 7:30pm on either Thursday 31st March or Friday 1st April.  I know that you will all get behind this small effort to help this worthy cause. Thank you’


The Owenabue Garden & Flower Club, Carrigaline, will hold their Spring Show on Mon 28th March 2022 in St. Mary’s NS, Waterpark, Carrigaline at 7.45pm. 

The daffodil and narcissus competitions together with Spring flowers & shrub classes are open to all club members.  We will have a Floral Demonstration of Spring Flowers by Nora Gallagher at 8pm.

Visitors are most welcome. €7 entry.



Music Notes 20/03/2022

Hymns at St Mary’s

606     As the deer pants

557     Rock of ages cleft for me

597     Take my life

I was delighted to be accepted as a member of the Society of Women Organists  (SWO) this past week. The Society is based in London and aims to encourage girls to take up the organ, and to promote women’s activities in the world of the pipe organ. Pipe organ playing has traditionally been a male-dominated activity and this fact is represented for many of us ladies by the humble organ bench. Most churches have a fixed-height bench which has usually been made with a male of average height (5’6” and over) in mind.   When we visit such churches those of us of 5’3” and under are at a distinct disadvantage!  Playing the pedals becomes a real problem.

This means it can be difficult to encourage young people to take up the instrument and to offer practice facilities to visiting players.

The SWO has launched the Adjustable Bench Campaign (ABC) in 2022 and offers some practical solutions. I am in full support as I experienced the problem often when working as a deputy organist. As a recent letter in the RSCM asked:

“We come in all shapes and sizes, so please, may we sit comfortably?”

Look out for International Organ Day on April 23rd and don’t forget to check out the Music Monday videos on the parish Facebook page.

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

Random Notes CDXVIII

This is the tale of a bank robber who had too much cheek for her good.

In September 2008, a 26 year old woman was put on trial in Germany for armed robbery. Unfortunately for her, her sizeable derriere proved to be her undoing. She had raided a bank in Norf, a town in western Germany, getting away with €15,000. From witness statements taken by police at the time, one thing became clear, the culprit had a ‘very large’ backside.

Several weeks later, the woman went back to same bank, probably hoping for more easy pickings. As luck would have it, the man just behind her in the queue had been present at the time of the previous theft.   He noticed her ample posterior and realised where he had seen it before . He commented later that ‘he’d never forget something that big!’  He called the police and they arrived and arrested the suspect who was searched and found in possession of a ski mask and a handgun. Charged with firearms offences and attempted robbery she faced ten years in jail.

(in other circumstances, it’s possible that she could have won ‘rear of the year’!)


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