Pew Sheet – 21st February 2021

The Rector writes  ‘Traditionally Lent is a time when we deprive ourselves of something that we enjoy and we hope that the absence of it will somehow help us to become more aware of God…..  That’s the idea anyway. In reality most of us give up chocolate to lose weight! This Lent, in one of the toughest years most of us have ever gone through, as well as giving up the usual sweets,  I have decided to try and spend at least one hour each day in Lent doing absolutely nothing. Not reading, not checking my phone, not looking at emails, not printing ahead for the weekend, not even thinking of what to cook for dinner. I am just going to sit somewhere quiet for one full hour and just be. I don’t know will this help me in any way but I’ll keep you informed of how it’s going !

Also during this Lent, we will have an online group meeting each Wednesday at 8pm to read and discuss the following Sunday’s Gospel. The Zoom link is included on the email this week. Do join me!’

If you wish to donate to Parish funds, there are many ways for you to do this .

If you’d like to post a cheque directly to the

Parish Hon. Treasurer, her address is :

Helen Arnopp, Ballea, Carrigaline,  P43 HT95

If you would like to directly transfer money to the parish, or set up a standing order,

our Parish Bank account details are : 

IBAN – IE47BOFI90297974081798  



If you’d like to use the online facilities,

There is an iDonate page link on the parish


or a GoFundMe link on the parish facebook page  ‘Carrigaline Union of Parishes’


This year, the Annual Revision of the List of Vestry Members will be online at 7:30pm Monday 1st March.  Normally this would take place in the Parish Hall where the actual Vestry Register of all Vestry members who may vote at the Annual Easter Vestry is opened for examination and amendment but this is no normal year! This year we will have a Zoom Meeting where the Register will be visible on screen for anyone to examine. 

If you are not already registered as a Vestry member and would like to be, or if you’re not sure whether or not you are registered, please contact the Rector who can, if necessary, send you a form to be filled in and returned before 1st March deadline .

Music Notes 21-02-2021

First Sunday of Lent

I have just completed a course with the Royal School of Church Music called ‘Inspiring Music in Worship’. Nine of us were being trained to facilitate a course in our parishes to have a dialogue with parishioners and clergy on how we see music in worship developing in our church.

It was inspirational and has energised me to run the course in our parish as soon as I can. Watch out for an announcement about a course in the autumn either online or in person, I’m really looking forward to finding out what you all think and your ideas for the future.

April 24th is International Pipe Organ Day this year. I had hoped to hold an Open Day at St. Mary’s where people could visit the organ loft to see the inner workings of the instrument, and perhaps have a go at playing. Whether an in-person event can happen or not we will have some online offerings showcasing the various pipe organs in our Union. Fingers crossed the 5K rule will be relaxed soon. Mark the date in your diary!

Bébhinn 087 228 5965

Random Notes CCCLXVIII

Revd. Horace Townsend, A.M. (1803-1837),

Rector of Carrigaline, from 6th May to 19th December,1837.

A portrait engraved in mezzotint by James Scott (1809-1871) after the Cork painter, James Mahoney  (1810-1879), A.R.H.A.,  with, inscribed beneath the facsimile of the sitter’s signature, the words, ‘late Rector of Carrigaline, Co. of Cork’.

The portrait, alas in a rather poor state, from which this illustration is taken, has always been at Mount Rivers, Carrigaline, and  presently hangs in a bedroom there; another hangs in the hall of the Deanery at Rosscarbery, co. Cork, and no doubt others, maybe many others, exist throughout this county and beyond.      

The Revd. Horace Townsend was the second son of the Revd. Horatio Townsend (1750-1837), [ the author of several works, including the noted ‘A Statistical Survey of the County of Cork’, published in Cork, 1813 ], Rector of Carrigaline from 1809 to 1837,,  by Catherine, his wife, daughter of Archdeacon Corker. He was born in 1803; married firstly, 8th January, 1829, Anna, daughter of the Revd, Edward Kenny, Rector of  Kilmeen, Diocese of Ross, and by her, who died the following year, on 2nd April, 1830, had no issue. He married secondly 2nd. February, 1836, Jane Florence, second daughter of Justin M’Cartie, of Carrignavar, co. Cork, and by her had issue an only son, Horatio, born 1st April, 1837.

The Revd, Horace Townsend was appointed Rector of Carrigaline on Saturday, 6th May, 1837, in succession to the incumbency of his father who had died on Sunday, Saturday, 26th March of the same year, and less than nine months later died at Douglas on Tuesday, 19th December, aged but thirty-four years old, and was buried in the Churchyard there. 


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