Pew Sheet – 22nd January 2023

The Rector writes ‘ We are now in the middle of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity which runs from 18th – 25th January each year. This year, as the local Roman Catholic Clergy  are all new to the area, we thought it would be nice for us all to meet up for a proper chat. So on Wednesday 18th, we met up for lunch.   It was so lovely to talk to other clergy about what was happening in our area (and much concern with the rise in crime was voiced) and what we might all do together in the coming year.

This year the ecumenical material was produced by churches from Minneapolis with the theme ‘Be-Longing: Praying for Unity amidst Injustice’   The Revd Canon Dr Daniel Nuzum, our diocesan Ecumenical Officer,  said ‘This is a theme that is painfully evocative in these days of upheaval, displacement and xenophobia alongside local division and deepening complacency about our disunity as Christians.  I encourage you to avail of innovative opportunities to celebrate the unity that currently exists and to pray for the further unity of God’s people in our various contexts’ 

Having lunch together may not seem like a giant step ecumenically but when it comes down to it, it is all about relationships isn’t it?’

St Mary’s Church, Carrigaline,

  Bicentenary Photo Exhibition 

Wanted : Photographs to display at a Photo Exhibition of St Mary’s Church.

The theme includes the immediate vicinity,

exterior, interior, or any detail.

Photo prints of ANY SIZE

up to the maximum of 12” by 18”

Photos to be exhibited can be Current or

Older, Colour or Black and White,

and be Print or Digitally projected.

Closing date for entries is 1st March

Photos can be sent to;  

Lesley Roberts, Mount Rivers, Carrigaline,

Co Cork. P43 P497.  Tel no, 085 243 3920


William Warren-Perry, Beau Vallon, Strawhall, Monkstown, Co Cork. T12 TP9X.  

Tel no, 086 332 7915

Advance Notice

Parish Fundraising Auction, Saturday, 18th February, 2023

If you have have any furniture, pictures, silver, jewellery, brass ware  kitchen ware or appliances (in good and working order!), garden furniture and implements, clocks, toys (in good order), etc., etc., and would be prepared to donate same for the forthcoming, and much needed, auction, please contact any of the following:

Madeleine Geary, Rowland Newenham, Cecil Poole, Olna Trotter, or Lesley Roberts. 

Collection of larger items etc. can be arranged. 

 Random Notes CDXVI

On January 10th, Virgin Orbit successfully launched a rocket from a Boeing 747 aircraft, reaching space for the first time. This marked a significant achievement for the company and the broader space industry. However, the launch also had an impact on the Irish fishing industry off the south coast of Cork and Kerry.

According to local fishermen, the launch resulted in a temporary ban on fishing in the area, as the safety zone around the launch site extended out to sea. This ban, which was put in place to ensure the safety of both the fishing vessels and the launch itself, caused significant disruptions for the fishing industry. Boats were forced to stay in port, and many fish were left unharvested, resulting in financial losses for the fishermen and related


The National Space Centre in Elfordstown, County Cork, played a key role in the launch, providing ground support and positioning Ireland as a key player in the space industry. While the launch may have caused disruptions for the fishing industry, it’s worth noting that the space sector has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to the region in the form of job creation and increased investment in infrastructure.

The National Space Centre in Elfordstown is an example of this, as it serves as a hub for space-related research, innovation, and education, bringing together industry, academia, and government to advance Ireland’s space capabilities. The Centre also serves as a platform for the development of new space technologies and applications, opening up new opportunities for economic growth and jobs in the region.

In conclusion, the Virgin Orbit launch on January 10th had a significant impact on the Irish fishing industry off the south coast of Cork and Kerry, resulting in disruptions and financial losses. However, the National Space Centre in Elfordstown played a key role in the launch and position Ireland as a key player in the space industry, which could bring significant economic benefits to the region in the future.


This little article was written entirely by an artificial intelligence called OpenAI ChatGPT ( I asked ChatGPT to do the following: You are a reporter for a local newspaper. In a 300 word article, explain the impact of the Virgin Orbit launch of January 10th on the Irish fishing industry off the south coast of Cork and Kerry.

Also mention the fact that the National Space Centre in Elfordstown, County Cork provided ground support for the launch. It took two attempts to get the article right. I have not edited the article except for the introductory paragraph.    


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