Pew Sheet – 24th May 2020

On Wednesday nights for the last 4 weeks, a group of us have been meeting with Zoom to talk about Faith and Art, looking at Sieger Koder’s work.  It is fascinating how Art can lead you to greater insights in matters of faith. Another Artist I have recently discovered is Hanna Varghese (d. 2009). She was a Malaysian artist who worked in the medium of acrylic paint and Batik dye. Just below is her depiction of ‘Jesus calming the storm’.  I have also included her ‘Ascension’ on the next page. She really wanted people of faith to be inspired by her work, as she said “When I see one image that I worked on being used by a publisher or presented in a workshop /seminar /Bible study, I know it is my one drop of contribution to Christian ministry. We are all here to be a blessing to others.”      She felt that all creative work, whether is is the spoken word, the written word or the sung word, are ‘essentials in praise and worship, meditation, education, inculturation and evangelism. This also includes art and pictures, which is universal seeing.’

I couldn’t agree more! In our locked down times, it has become even more important that we seek out other perspectives. We can’t let ourselves become stuck within our own minds.  You are very welcome to join in at 8pm on Wednesday’s, if you need the Zoom link just contact me.’

Hanna Varghese ‘Calming the Storm’


                                                                 John Donne (1573-1631)

Salute the last and everlasting day,
Joy at the uprising of this sun, and son,
Ye whose true tears, or tribulation
Have purely washed, or burnt your drossy clay;
Behold the Highest, parting hence away,
Lightens the dark clouds, which he treads upon;
Nor doth he by ascending, show alone,
But first he, and he first enters the way.
O strong Ram, which hast battered heaven for me,
Mild lamb, which with Thy Blood, hast marked the path;
Bright torch, which shin’st, that I the way may see,
Oh, with thy own blood quench thy own just wrath,
And if thy holy Spirit, my Muse did raise,
Deign at my hands this crown of prayer and praise. 



How to view Live Stream Services

If you are on a PC , just go to the parish website and under the top right hand corner of the screen you’ll see  ‘’Live Streaming of Services’  If you click on that you will be able to choose to view the service.  You can also google ‘Carrigaline Union of Parishes Youtube’ and click on the link to see the recorded services.  A huge thank you to Simon Woodworth for all the work he is doing to keep our online presence possible.  This pew sheet has the readings for today and the prayers of intercession. A copy of the Holy Communion Service was sent out with previous emails, if you’d like a copy just let me know.  The Church of Ireland website has all of the Book of Common Prayer online if you’d like to look at it click on the link below. .  

The sermon and the Intercessions along with the contents of the Pew Sheet are put up on the parish website on Mondays if you want to read them there. 

Parish Finances  

Some of you were asking me what to do about your giving during this time of not being able to gather in our churches. If you use envelopes, you can post it to Helen Arnopp, our Honorary Treasurer, at her address in Ballea, Carrigaline, P43 HT95 or if you’d rather set up a standing order or transfer , here are the details of our deposit bank account:

IBAN – IE47BOFI90297974081798   BIC – BOFIIE2D

There is also a GoFundMe link on the Parish Facebook page and soon we will have an idonate link on our parish website— all very ‘hi-tech’ ! 

But there is also the ‘lo-tech’ way as well! Some parishioners have set up a jam jar at home and are putting their usual ‘Plate’ giving into the jar with the intention of passing it on to the Parish when this is all over.


Every Wednesday at 10:30am there is a Morning Prayer from the Rectory by Zoom. If you’d like to join in , just contact the Rector.

The Wednesday nights Zoom Gatherings are at 7:30/8pm. You can check in from 7:30pm and then we begin at 8pm. At the moment we are looking at particular events from the Bible, seen through the eyes of the German Painter Sieger Koder and we can have a general chat around that.  (using some of the material from a book from ‘Glimpses of the Divine’ by Gemma Simmonds.)   in order to join the Zoom Meeting, just contact the rector..


…… just google ‘zoom us’ and you will be led to the Zoom site where you can follow directions to download the Zoom software on your device, then you have to register as a user, using your usual email address and picking a new Zoom password.

It is all completely free so don’t worry about costs.

Zoom software is being used everywhere at the minute and it is very user friendly. In the parish we use it now for Select Vestry meetings, I also use it daily for Morning Prayer with the other clergy in the diocese and we use it for Diocesan meetings, Boards of Management etc. so do try it.  

If you have any problems with installing Zoom, let me know and I will try and walk through it with you. I’m afraid we are going to be relying on it for some time yet!

God bless, Elaine

Hanna Varghese The Ascension

Random Notes CCCXLI

Here is a list of some of the children who attended Douglas

National School in 1865. Their fathers’ occupations are in brackets. These are some of the more unusual surnames in the school.

Armstead (Tuner) Peed (Coachman)

Arnotte (Groom) Pollock (job not listed)

Bolger (Spinner) Pearson       “

Beggane (Fitter) Pike (Gardener)

Dechan (Tucker) Rose (Coachman)

Dunvert (Coachman) Reany (job not listed)

Dunscombe (Labourer) Roberts    “

Furphy (Flaxman) Robinson (Labourer)

Fox         “ Smyth (Flaxman)

Hemlock (Coachman) Scamaton (Pensioner)

Macklin (Turner) Teer (job not listed)

Murley (Coachman)

McAllen (Flaxman)

McClaferty   “  “

McKenlay (Labourer)

McGarity     “  

McEntyre     “   

McConville  (Flaxman)

It can be seen from the list that many of the fathers were employed in nearby ‘Big Houses’, as coachmen, grooms and gardeners. Others worked in the Mills, Tuners, Spinners, Flaxmen, Fitter, Tuckers, etc. Some others were farm labourers while it seems just one was a Pensioner. So many of these trades have long since gone from the area.


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