Pew Sheet – 29th March 2020

The Rector writes ‘We are all wondering about how to be church
during this time when we are physically isolated from each other.
I will continue to do a Service at 11am every Sunday which will be
broadcast live. If you are on a PC , just go to the parish website and under ‘’Live streaming of Services’ (top
right hand corner) you will be able to view the service. You can
also google ‘Carrigaline Union of Parishes Youtube’ and click on
the link to see the recorded services. This pew sheet has the
readings and the psalm I will be using on the day. The Church of
Ireland website has all of the Book of Common Prayer online

(here is the link)
of-common-prayer but I have also emailed you the service I will be

following each Sunday. If you’d like to borrow a prayer book , I’m
in the Parish Office from 10am until 1pm each Thursday for the
duration of this time. Some of you were asking what to do about
your giving so here are the details of our deposit bank account
IBAN – IE47BOFI90297974081798 BIC – BOFIIE2D
Rector & Churchwardens Savings Account
Don’t forget that if you need to speak with me, just ring me or
email me and I will be happy to chat. Just because we are socially
isolated it doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant !… Just
pick up the phone and ring ! I will continue to pray for you all
daily and would ask that you pray for me……God bless us all.’

Random Notes no. CCCXXXVII

With all the doom and gloom around at the moment, I thought that I would share a good news story! When I was at school in the 70’s and 80’s,
I waited with my friends for the bus in Glenbrook. We also got dropped off there in the afternoon after school. Being beside the river, my friends
and I would get up to all sorts playing around the slip and the edge of the water. The heavy industries like IFI (or NET as it was then) and Irish Steel,
were obviously pouring all sorts of chemicals and God only knows what in to the atmosphere and river. The rules and environmental regulations were a lot less stringent then. The river was so polluted we would be lucky to hear or see a seagull. Even up to 17 years ago when I moved in to my house in Rushbrooke, you would rarely hear a seagull this far into the
harbour. A few weeks ago, I was waiting for the ferry on the Glenbrook side and noticed a seal popping his head out of the river. There were also quite a few seagulls and terns in the air and on the water. Then on the way over I saw a cormorant diving up and down looking for goodies for his lunch. Nearing Carrigaloe, on the far side, I saw a duck waddling around
near the water’s edge. Then lo and behold, hovering over a field in Carrigaloe was a buzzard eyeing up some rat or mouse to eat!!
I have seen buzzards around Monkstown creek and Fota, but never so close to housing estates and the railway. The buzzards are making a big comeback in Ireland as the rodents that they eat are no longer filled with poisons and chemicals. Previously, their prey were so full of pesticides that they were almost extinct in Ireland. The EU led regulations concerning the use of pesticides has directly led to the buzzards gracing our skies again. The reduced amount of heavy industry in the harbour along with better quality water is bringing animals, birds and fish back in to our environments. Wonderful !!! RCE

Spiritual Communion

All of the bishops have formed the view that where an individual
priest is celebrating the Eucharist alone, but on webcam with
others watching at home, that in these extraordinary times,
this satisfies the Anglican requirements concerning not
celebrating alone as set out in BCP page 77 at General Direction
14 (c )
On page 440 of our Prayer Book we read about what is called
‘spiritual communion’ which is that ’those who are incapable of
receiving the sacrament are to be assured that, although not receiving the
elements in the mouth, they are by faith partakers of the body and blood of
Christ and of the benefits he conveys to us by them.’
From this Sunday 29th, the 11am Live Feed Service will be a
Service of Holy Communion by webcam. You will have had
this Pewsheet sent out to you by email along with a Service of
Holy Communion from the Book of Common Prayer and so can
fully join in with me in celebration.

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