Pew Sheet – 31st October 2021

The Rector writes  ‘Tonight at 7pm the Parish Healer/Prayer group will lead a Reflective Service in St Mary’s Church where, as part of the Liturgy, the names of people whom we want to remember will be written on little  wooden hearts and then be placed on the wrought iron ’Tree’ . This Tree of Hearts will remain in the church for the month of November, our traditional time of the year for remembering.    The names will include those who were dear to us in the past and those whom we would like to remember in prayer at this present time.  It will also have the first names of all of the people the Parish Healer/Prayer group are currently holding in prayer. 

Tomorrow Monday 1st November is All Saints Day and I will again be lighting some candles and placing them in the Churchyard.  This is a Lutheran tradition that I observed in Finland back in 2017 and I really loved the symbolism.

If you would like me to light a candle and place it in the churchyard for someone you have loved, please let me know before Monday lunchtime and I will happily place a candle in the churchyard for you at dusk.’


2021/22 SEASON

St. Mary’s Indoor Bowls Club re-opens on Tuesday 26th September 2021 at 7.45pm in the Canon McCrea Hall, St Mary’s National School, Waterpark.

New members welcome.  Covid-19 regulations will apply.

Irene McLoughlin   Hon. Secretary

Music Notes 31-10-2021

Hymns at St Mary’s, Carrigaline

622     O the love of my Lord

325     Be still

358     King of Glory

Our first hymn today, suggested by Roger Clough, is ‘The love of my lord is the essence.’

The writer of this hymn was Estelle White (1925-2011). Born in South Shields to a musical family, she learned to play the guitar and saxophone. She then joined the army as a saxophonist and subsequently trained as a physiotherapist.

Estelle converted to Roman Catholicism whilst living in Canada and joined the Carmelite Order in Kent on her return to England. The community encouraged her to develop her musical abilities and she gained a diploma in Religious Education. Having decided not to take her final vows as a nun, she worked as a teacher of music and religious education in primary and secondary schools. The publisher Kevin Mayhew encouraged her to write hymns after hearing a protest song she had written for a youth club. Her hymns are characterised by simple direct language and often use imagery from nature. This  hymn uses the limerick form of verse – not usually associated with hymn books!


 087 228 5965

Random Notes  CD

Below is an extract from “Our Place” in 1979, written by the late George Carpenter who owned the old Club Hotel in Glenbrook. It was written at a time when the gas field off Kinsale had been discovered and IFI (or NET as it was the known} was being developed atMarino Point in Cobh.

“Last week I was driving towards Monkstown. What did I see? Bulldozers pushing trees down, big lorries spewing stones along the road in front of me. Having mowed a hill they filled in part of the creek where once boats were moored. Across the river at Verolme dockyards big boats and small boats being turned out and cranes dancing about like  ballet dancers, legs the wrong way up. I lift my eyes towards Frenches (Marino), gone most of the lovely trees, the monsters have gnawed them away and tall concrete and metal shafts have sprouted up, what for? Progress? The Granneries, nearly all pulled down, the building which once housed the grain for Cork City, later a barracks where American troops were stationed prior to being shipped out to Flanders during the 1914-1918 war. The roofs were taken off by the owners because they would not pay the rates.”


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