Parish Notices 12th August 2012

The Rector writes…  ‘Today I am continuing in the theme of prayer exercises in our ordinary lives. Many find help in this area by reading from some inspiring or spiritual book on a daily basis. Sometimes this can trigger connections between the world we stumble along in and the loving God in whom we really do live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28). A passage from a good spiritual book makes us pause, reflect and see or feel something that hasn’t dawned on us before. I can recommend many of these type of books if you are interested, please just ask. In our second reading today from chapter 4 of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, he speaks of the dangers of withholding our forgiveness when he talks about not letting the sun go down on your anger and that we should be kind to one another, forgiving one another.  Forgiving isn’t something that comes easily to many of us and something that I read last week helped me when I thought about it  ‘Forgiveness is a door to peace and happiness. It is a small, narrow door, and cannot be entered without stooping. It is also hard to find. But no matter how long the search, it can be found’  I felt that this was a wonderful description of the difficult act of forgiving that somehow makes it seem more achievable.’

HOLY COMMUNION every Wednesday in St Mary’s Church at 10.30am.

PRAYER REQUEST SHEETS are at the back of both churches. Please continue to pray for our sisters and brothers in the nation of Nigeria who struggle to exist under extremely difficult conditions. The Mothers’ Union in Cork are linked with the diocese of Kaduna.

INTERCESSIONS If anyone is interest in leading these, please contact the rector.   This morning the intercessions are led by Joy Keeffe.

THEOLOGICAL BOOK CIRCLE At the last meeting, the book ‘The Year of Living Biblically’ by A.J. Jacobs was chosen for our next gathering. A great summer read and we will chat about it in the Rectory at 8pm on 29th August.

JUNIOR CHOIR will begin on 20th September. We will meet in the Church from 6.30 to 7.30pm each Thursday night. All school going children welcome. Contact the rector or Hilary Dring for more details.

CHILDRENS FILM NIGHT. The Rector is organising a Film Night in the Church Hall from 6.30 – 9 pm on Wednesday 15th August. This event is for children in Primary School. There are permission forms at the back of the church.

EVENSONG (Said) this evening in St John’s Church at 7pm

CUP HOLDERS If you have borrowed any of the navy blue cup holders from the Church Hall and they are still at home, could you bring them back into the hall/office please.

TEA-TIME TREATS Mothers Union 125th anniversary recipe booklet available at the back of the church  – €4.

KEY found recently on the gravel outside St Mary’s. There is a plastic cow’s head on the top of the key! Enquiries to parish office.

PALLIATIVE CARE WORKSHOP at St Luke’s Home Education Centre. 27th September in Northridge House. The focus will be on self care for the carer in the end of life setting. Contact Bruce Pierce 021 4359444.

JARS WANTED If you have some clean jars with lids (Coffee jars are particularly welcomed) please drop them in to the parish office or the rectory and the rector will make sure they are passed on to people in the parish who make jam, chutneys etc for charity events

OUR DAILY BREAD While many of you had received this magazine in the past, there was a breakdown in communications with the Publisher and now there are only 4 people in the parish who are currently on the list and they have already received the June to August copy. If you would like to subscribe to this magazine into the future, please let Roger know and he will organise it.  The process is that individuals should let the Parish Office know if they want to receive copies of Our Daily Bread (printed 4 times a year). The parish administrator will then order the copies with the individuals name on it, to be delivered C/O the Rectory, St Mary’s Church, Church Road, Carrigaline Co. Cork. The individuals will put 2 Euro into the collection basket each quarter when their magazine is received. The treasurer will make a donation annually to RBC (who produce the magazine).


Aug 15th       Children’s Movie Night in Church Hall 6.30pm

Sept 1st      Confirmation classes begin. Rectory 6pm till 8pm

Sept 9th      Planting and Dedication of trees

Sept 20th    Junior Choir begins in St Mary’s Church Hall. 6.30pm

Sept 30th United Service Blessing of Animals 11 am in St Mary’s.

Healing Service 7pm in St John’s.

Oct 7th Parish Harvest Thanksgivings:

United Eucharist Service in St Mary’s 11am

United Evensong Service in St John’s 7pm

Oct 14th Parish Confirmation Service, 11am in St Mary’s

Nov 11th Remembrance Sunday Services & Remembrance Choral Evensong

Nov 25th Gift Day in the Rectory

2013 dates for your diary

May 17th –19th Pentecost Flower Festival in St Mary’s Church

with the theme  ‘Fruits of the Spirit’

Random Notes                                                                                 XXIV

George Carpenter (1908—2005) was born in Cork and educated at Cork Grammar School. In 1938 he married Joan and the couple very successfully ran the “Club Hotel” (pictured below) in Glenbrook throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and early 70’s. While he was very involved with rugby, rowing and sailing in Cork, fencing was the sport in which he excelled and represented Ireland in two Olympic’s.

As a boy , in the early 1920’s his mother took a house in Graball Bay, Crosshaven for two months of the summer. Below is an interesting extract from this time, taken from his autobiography:-

“The only way to get to Crosshaven was by train running from Cork known as the Cork, Blackrock and Passage Railway. The station was near City Hall. We had to bring everything with us: bedclothes, towels and changes of clothing and of course our bathing togs. We also had to bring loads of food—imagine feeding six growing boys and one girl. We boarded the train and got into a carriage, crowding around the doors and windows to give the impression that the carriage was full. At each station the train stopped at, we did the same thing. The train stopped first at Blackrock taking on some more passengers, then on to Rochestown, followed by Passage West, through a tunnel to Glenbrook, past the baths and on to Monkstown. In Monkstown Bay, there were several old battleships with big guns sticking out all around them. They were huge monsters just lying there waiting for the next war. Now and again smoke came from their funnels, just a faint trickle and then a belch of black smoke to show that they were still alive. Raffeen came next, followed by Carrigaline and then finally Crosshaven. Mother had already booked a charabanc to take us to Graball Bay. We were so anxious to get to the bay to have a swim, I think we must have let Mother do all the unpacking. When some of the people arrived in Monkstown, they got off the train and took the boat to Aghada and East Ferry. The other boat went to Crosshaven. Both of these boats were paddle steamers. The call made by the traffic manager was “Outside for East Ferry, inside for Crosshaven”. It was a great trip and enjoyed by many people. One August weekend, the steamer for Crosshaven was overcrowded and when it arrived at the pier in Crosshaven, everybody tried to get off at the same time. She dipped down at the pier side and the crowd panicked and ran to the other side. Before the crowd got to the other side, the captain had the presence of mind to jam the paddles under the pier and saved the day. If he had not done that , the boat would probably have turned turtle. There was an inquiry and from the evidence the boat was overcrowded. The captain was fined and the number of passengers to be taken on the boat was fixed by the court.”                RE



















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