Pew Sheet – 18th July 2021

The Rector writes  ’Last week we said goodbye to Christine Newenham, who has worked for the parish for almost a decade and a half.   Below is a farewell message from Christine herself’

“I would like to express my thanks to the Rector, Select Vestry and the wider Parish for the lovely send off I had to mark the end of my time with Carrigaline Union of Parishes. It was such a pleasure to serve as Parish Administrator since March 2007. So many of you were much more than just names on the Parish list; there are so many faces I miss welcoming in to the office or recognizing a cheerful voice at the end of the phone. May the Lord bless and keep you all as you live in the Light of His abundant love and mercy. 

Kind regards  Christine ”


The year was 1778, the American Revolution was in full swing. The war was going badly for the American side as the British had much better arms, ammunition and provisions which were being brought by supply ships from England. 

John Paul Jones, an American naval commander, came up with a daring plan. He decided to destroy the supply ships by sailing to England and setting fire to them in their home port.

On reaching England, Jones split his men into two sections.

One, led by Jones himself, would disable the guns of a fort overlooking the harbour, while the other group would set fire to the British ships.

While the first group were sabotaging the guns, Jones kept watching the harbour, expecting at any moment to see the ships go up in flames. However, nothing happened. What had gone wrong with his plan?

He found out the next morning when he met up with the other group, who all looked very sorry for themselves.   They had realised that they didn’t have nearly enough oil to burn all the ships, and had gone to the nearby small town in the hope of finding more.

It was then that the plan began to come unstuck. While walking up the street, they spotted an inn. The prospect of ale was too enticing to resist. The quest for oil was promptly forgotten.

Instead, they made a beeline for the tavern and proceeded to drink themselves under the table.

Jones and his men left for home, having burned just one supply vessel, rather than the whole fleet.

They did, however, have the satisfaction of being the only Americans to invade Britain during the War of Independence.


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