Pew Sheet – 28th March 2021

Holy Week and Easter Services
Monday 29th March : 10:30am : Zoom Morning Prayer from the Rectory
Tuesday 30th March : 10:30am : Zoom Morning Prayer from the Rectory
Wednesday 31st March : 10:30am : Zoom Morning Prayer from the Rectory
Maundy Thursday 1st April :
12 noon : Join with the Bishop for the online Diocesan Chrism Eucharist 
Good Friday 2nd April :
12 noon : Zoom & Live Streamed Children’s Service from St Mary’s Church
7:30pm : Zoom & Live Streamed Evening Prayer from St Mary’s Church
including a Good Friday presentation from the Parish Drama Group
Easter Eve 3rd April :
9pm : Live streamed Easter Vigil Liturgy from St Mary’s Church
Easter Day 4th April :
11am : Easter Eucharist Service Live Streamed from St Mary’s Church

Random Notes CCCLXXIII

The following tips are taken from the book  ‘Don’ts for Husbands, Don’ts for Wives’   first published in 1913.

          ‘Don’ts for Husbands’

Don’t drop cigarette ash all over the drawing-room carpet.  Some people will tell you that it improves the colours but your wife won’t care to try that recipe.

Don’t sit down to breakfast in your shirtsleeves in hot weather, on the grounds that ‘only’ your wife is present. The courtesies you give to womankind are her due and she will appreciate them.

Don’t take it out on your poor wife every time you have a headache or a cold.   It isn’t her fault, and she has enough to do in nursing you, without having to put up with ill-humour into the bargain.

Don’t fidget. Some husbands are never still for a moment. They wander in and out of rooms, they play with the salt at dinner, they draw lines on the tablecloth with a fork,   they tap the table with their fingers and the floor with their feet,  they creak their slippers and drop the coal tongs on the tiled hearth. In fact, they keep their wives in a state of tension , and the poor creatures would need nerves of steel to enable them to stand the strain.

Don’t sharpen pencils all over the house as you walk about.

Try a hearth, a waste-paper basket or a newspaper. It does not improve either the carpets or the servants’ tempers to find scraps of pencil-sharpenings all over the floors.

and finally, the editor sharpened her claws

Don’t be conceited about your good looks. It is more than probable that no-one but yourself is aware of them, anyway, you are not responsible for them , and vanity in a man is ridiculous  (Meow!)


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