Pew Sheet – 31st July 2022

The Rector writes ‘The parish Healer/Prayer group will hold a Service at 7pm this evening in St Mary’s Church to which all are welcome. 

I’m so grateful to this group of people who have given so much of themselves since they were trained back in July 2014. I really find it such a comfort and support to have them share with me prayers for our community and beyond. So thank you to Joy Keefe, Kay Treacy, Richard Dring, Simon Woodworth, Hilary Dring and Peter Coughlan and may their ministry continue to thrive in our midst.

First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings should be made for everyone        1 Timothy 2:1

Every single bishop of the Anglican Communion is invited to the Lambeth Conference – which is convened by The Most Reverend Justin Welby – The Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Lambeth Conference has met since 1867, and it is a  once-a-decade significant event in the life of the Anglican Communion of which the Church of Ireland is part.     The conference explores church and world affairs.  Outcomes of the conference helps shape the life of the Anglican Communion in the decade ahead.

Our Bishop  Paul is there now, joining with many of his colleagues from dioceses around the world until it ends on August 8th.  Please do pray for him and for them all.  I have included a lovely prayer from the Brotherhood of St Gregory, The Episcopal Church (USA)

O God, by your grace and Spirit you have raised up witnesses and servants in many lands and cultures: Pour out your blessing upon the churches and provinces of the Anglican Communion, and upon their leaders as they gather for fellowship in the Lambeth Conference, that their diversity may enrich their common witness and service to the honor and glory of your name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

During the Rector’s annual vacation, the Revd Isobel Jackson and the Clergy of Douglas Union are providing pastoral cover on the following dates :

1st to 9th August

The Revd Isobel Jackson 021-4831236

10th to 27th August

The Venerable Adrian Wilkinson 021-4891589  

Thank you!


Saturday 3rd September Bric-a-Brac Sale in the Parish Hall followed by Parish Barbeque in the adjoining Marquee. More details nearer the time. 

Wednesday 14th September

The Revd Richard Dring will be ordained to the Priesthood. 8pm in St Fin Barre’s Cathedral 

Random Notes CDXXXIII

The writers of the following verses were obviously hoping for a repeat of the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

Hodge’s Grace

Heavenly Father bless us,

And keep us all alive,

There’s ten of us for dinner

And not enough for five.

A Scottish Grace

Oh Lord, who blessed the loaves and fishes,

Look down upon these twa bit dishes,

And though the taties be but sma’

Lord, make ‘em plenty for us a’

But if our stomachs they do fill,

‘Twill be another miracle.


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