Pew Sheet – 9th January 2022

The Rector writes  ‘I’m delighted to be able to be back with you this Sunday but I am sorry we didn’t get to celebrate the Epiphany on Thursday 6th as I was looking forward to having the usual heady Frankincense smells wafting through the churches, (although with so many of us wheezing at the minute perhaps that mightn’t have been the best idea… )  but we are still in the season of Epiphany until Candlemas on 2nd February so we  have plenty of time  to appreciate the magic of the Magi and to be thankful for the great gifts of Epiphany. 

And don’t forget to chalk your door with

the Epiphany 2022 Blessing’

Music Notes 09-01-2022

Hymns at St Mary’s

325     Be still, for the presence of the Lord

386     Spirit of God unseen as the wind

196      O worship the Lord

Two of our hymns today have been written in relatively recent years. ‘Spirit of God’ in 1971 by Margaret Olds and ‘Be still’ in 1985 by Dave Evans. They are a reminder that hymnody is constantly evolving to suit our times.

The Hymn Society is an organisation with branches in Great Britain and Ireland and  in the US and Canada.

The US organisation is particularly active in promoting new hymn writing and the production of new hymnals.

One interesting hymn writer who has emerged in recent times is Mary Louise Bringle. Her hymns give expression to the lived daily experiences of human life and give them a spiritual dimension.

One particularly effective hymn of hers which I encountered recently is ‘When memory fades’ which reflects the experience of  ageing and dementia. You can find it on YouTube, sung by the wonderful St Olaf Choir – well worth the search!


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Random Notes CDVIII

The oldest stone bridge to cross the Owenabue river is Ballea bridge, leading to Ballea Castle. There was a wooden bridge on main street in Carrigaline before the stone bridge was built in the early 1800’s. This was blown up by the rebels during the troubles, then re-built before being widened in the early 1970’s. The Eastern relief road brought the third bridge to cross the Owenabue in Carrigaline, about twenty years ago.

Below is a picture of the construction of the fourth bridge to cross the river in Carrigaline. It is part of the Western relief road development. This will give people views of Carrigaline that many will have never seen before. The flood plains to the back of the village are extensive, and during the recent heavy rains, these were clearly visible.

The new road will reveal the rear side of the Co-Op and Barry Collins supermarket, then pass behind the site of the sadly demolished Beaver Lodge before joining the Ballea road.

Rosies pub was bought by Dairygold many years ago with a view to demolishing it and changing the entrance to the Co-Op on to the main street. However, a long standing feud between the owner of a tiny patch of grass/field and Dairygold Co-Operative Society (look for a small alleyway beside Rosie’s) blocked the development of this by law!  In his will, a now long dead individual who had fallen out with (what was years ago referred to as The Creamery) stated that they could never own this tiny patch.  Just part of the story of the development and history of Carrigaline.


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